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American Idol, Mar. 5 – Here We Go Again


After I praised this group of talent last week for singing songs that hadn’t been done multiple times on American Idol, they went and made a liar out of me this week. Some of them tonight did songs that have been done multiple times and/or were heavily associated with the original artist. And for the most part, they weren’t making us forget the previous performances, so that’s a big fail.

Dexter RobertsLucky Man He has done this two weeks in a row: Picked the perfect song for him. He has an advantage there as he seems to be the only one who can do that consistently, if you can call two week consistently.

Malaya WatsonTake Me to the King I like that she did gospel, but she was straining far too much with this song. It sounded like screaming in the end to me, but the judges liked it a lot. J-Lo even got her goosies.

Ben BrileyTurning Home It was hard to get a feel for his voice last week on the Johnny Cash tune, but with this one, he let his vocal soar and speak for itself. It seemed flawless, but the judges thought he and the music weren’t together in the beginning.

C.J. HarrisWaiting on the World to Change He put a lot of heart into this. You could nearly see it coming out of him. I liked it a lot, and that’s even after hearing the song not just from John Mayer, but through multiple reality talent shows.

MK NobiletteDrops of Jupiter She looked really uncomfortable the whole song, but did a great job with it. Again, it’s a song we’ve heard a lot, and it wasn’t better than Train, but it was good. What killed it though was her looking uncomfortable, which is going to come after you land in the bottom three the week before.

Majesty RoseFix You This had some great emotion flowing through it. There were some off notes when she pushed for the high note, but it kind of fit with the performance.

Jena IreneSuddenly I See She was infectious up there with this song. It’s hard to be in a bad mood watching her and that’s a good quality to have, to be able to bring that out.

Alex PrestonI Don’t Want to Be This is one of those songs that has been done often on Idol. Alex did a re-arrangement on it and it wasn’t quite as good as the original or as the other times I’ve heard it.

Jessica MeuseWhite Flag I like her performance, just not the tone of her voice in this song. I couldn’t listen to a whole album like that.

Emily PirizLet’s Get Loud She took a big risk singing a J-Lo tune. She did really well on it but the judges blasted her for cozying up to a musician instead of connecting with the audience. Well, I thought it was good.

Sam WoolfJust One I see a possible Kris Allen thing happening with Sam. He just gets a little better every week. However, the judges think he’s been singing the same emotionally since the beginning. I disagree.

Caleb JohnsonWorking Man He took Rush to the next level. This was a good version of the song, although some die-hard Rush fans might not like it. It was good, but now we need to see another side of Caleb.

I hope the theme next week is something that forces these artists to sing out of their comfort zone like Motown or 70s or Broadway. We have a good feeling now for who they are and what they like, but now we need to see them step outside of that box to see if they can still succeed. If they want to know how it’s done, they should ask James Durbin who was in the audience or Phillip Phillips who will be performing Thursday night.