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The Voice, Mar. 4 – The Real Stars

The banter between the coaches on The Voice has overtaken the show. Don’t get me wrong. I dig it. I get into it. But it’s also the reason why I watch the show right now. The contestants, the “voices,” are secondary.

I can’t tell you the names of anyone who has auditioned so far this year. I can appreciate them when they’re singing, but the personalities onstage as the coaches are so overwhelming that they’re what I remember. I don’t remember a single name.

It’s more than just the banter between the coaches. They’re starting to develop a strategy. Usher is waiting until the last second sometimes to push his button for a singer just to throw the other coaches off. The thinking is if he pushes his button earlier, the others might realize the talent onstage is worth it, and they might push their buttons as well to compete with Usher.

Then there’s the banter between the coaches as they fight over contestants they hope to get on their teams. They all go up against each other, but many times it comes down to banter between Adam Levine and Blake Shelton, most likely because they are the only two who have been there every season. They even take to Twitter to air their banter and even switched accounts on one audition night, giving them even more ways to tear each other up.

I hope to get more interested in the contestants in the battle round. Hopefully much more emphasis will be placed on them rather than the coaches. But until then, we still have at least one more week of auditions to pick up more singers whose names I will forget until after the battle round.