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Survivor Cagayan Premiere – Eps 1 and 2 – If They Only Had A Brain

Treemail Top 20 (Two Episodes, after all)

1 – Lindsay wanted “cheesy” music to play as the Beauty team arrived. I pictured this for Morganna (Baywatch)
2 – Garrett the Genius must be smart – I mean he was valedictorian. Of course, his high school may have only had 12 people in it, but still. However, a poker player lumped in with the nuclear engineer? Not sure about that one, producers. Clearly they wanted a ripped brain on the team.
3 – I also will say that someone as ripped as he is does not usually do well on the show. With no body fat, there is nothing for his body to feed on. Plus, someone in such great shape is probably used to a fantastic diet. That messes with your head and makes you do wacky things.
4 – You know the producers love having the idol in play, which is why we had one found in 14 minutes of screen time this season.
5 – Let’s make this season a drinking game and have a drink for every Morganna wedgie and bouncing chest moment. Oh wait, I’m already drunk.
6 – “Hot girl with a grudge” sounds like some really great Tarantino-ish fan fiction.
7 – Let’s give some credit folks – The Pretty Boys and Hot Women made fire without flint. Possibly simply from the hotness radiating off of their perfect bodies.
8 – Tony used the word “strategical” which is super close to “strategery” and gives me an excuse to find this clip.
9 – Kass gave the best quote of the night – “we’re not very smart for the brain tribe.” No. You guys are not.
10 – I loved watching the Brains implode on the first challenge. Not only did they suck, but in epic fashion. Their cart fell apart. The chests opened up and allowed puzzle pieces to fall. It was a train wreck.
11 – My favorite ridiculous moment of the night – The Genius getting the willies over the spider at Tribal Council. Three days in the wilderness and nothing has crawled on him yet?
12 – The Vulcan seems to think Probst has viewed all of the tribe goings on. He hasn’t. Not enough time. He may get a brief summary – but just assuming he knows it all is not smart.
13 – I would LOVE it if the Marlins hired the Vulcan. She can sure toss rice well.
14 – Kass is employing the proven Sandra Diaz-Twine Strategy of “As long as it’s not me.” It works. Let’s see if she can do Sandra proud.
15 – “Batman had Robin. Jordan had Pippen. Cliff has Woo.” I love that. And I’m sure Scottie Pippen loves being associated with Robin and Woo.
16 – Brice thinks he is The Fourth Girl. And that is the next big title in Young Adult Novels.
17 – Not only did Brawny Sarah smoke the Vulcan on the challenge, she did it while bleeding all over it. Impressive indeed.
18 – Loved Spencer’s eye roll when the Vulcan talked about usually being good at puzzles.
19 – More Kass – “How did we come up with the criteria for brains? I’d like to see that data.” HA! If it wasn’t for the stupid strategy, I’d probably like her too.
20 – Spencer, while voting for the Vulcan – “The fact that you’re a nuclear engineer is genuinely, genuinely scary.”

Extra one – Pitbull. Tony reminds me of Pitbull. That was driving me crazy.

Vote 1 – Marlins 4 (Vulcan, Tasha, Spencer, Genius), Vulcan 2 (Marlins, Kass)

Vote 2 – Genius 3 (Tasha, Vulcan, Kass), Vulcan 2 (Genius, Spencer)

Next week – Pitbull comes clean about his profession and it is raining cats and dogs.

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