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The Voice, Feb. 24 – Welcome back Shakira and Usher


It turns out they don’t just have spinning chairs on The Voice, they have a revolving door as well. This is the second time Cee Lo Green and Christina Aguilera have decided to sit out, leaving Shakira and Usher to replace them.

Cee Lo announced last week he would not be returning to The Voice at all this time. Some aren’t very broken up about it, but I personally liked the heart that he brought to the show and that he promised to work with the singers even after the show was over.

However, you can’t deny what Usher brings to the table. He discovered Justin Bieber after all. Not that I think he’s an incredible talent or anything, but if you can create a star from what he had to work with there, odds are he can create a star out of just about anybody. But because he has multiple outside interests, he might not be too keen on staying with the show permanently, for the two seasons that air each year.

I’m not overly fond of Christina, so if she wants to use this as an excuse to take an exit, that would be fine by me. I find her far too fake and phony. Besides, she’s getting married and is pregnant, so she won’t have a lot of time. Maybe we’ll keep Shakira and Usher for at least one more season after this one.

As far as this first night of season six, there weren’t any shocking surprises, and only one big wowing performance. All the performers were good, but the gal who was on last was flat out amazing. She’ll go far in this competition, especially since she picked Usher as her coach after turning all four chairs.

There were a few performers who didn’t get any chairs to turn, but again only one stands out in my mind. This guy thought he was all that and a bag of chips. He thought he was Robin Thicke. He even sang Blurred Lines.

And here’s what talent shows have been telling singers since the first season of American Idol. If you’re going to sing a well-known song, especially a recent one, you have to do it either better or different than the original. And that song is so stylized, that by singing it the same way Robin Thicke does, you’re just opening yourself up to a comparison. That’s what happened here, and this guy couldn’t compare.

I’m looking forward to night two of the auditions tonight. I do have to say the show is more fun with Shakira rather than Christina. She just seems to get a long with the guys more. Christina always seemed like she was being bothered to be there or something and didn’t participate much in their joking around.

What do you think of this coaching lineup and which performances stood out or you? Comment on the post and let us know.