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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 13 – To Quit or Not to Quit

The French team loses and it is made abundantly clear that it is Nick’s fault solely. He is given a major guilt trip from the judges and the cold shoulder from his teammates. Cmar says one of the few things I didn’t like – considering how fond I am of her – when she says she would have stepped aside if she was in Nick’s shoes. Easy to say from the outside – especially when your fate depended on his choice. Nick walks away from Cmar’s departure looking utterly shell shocked.

Quickfire Hits
• I am calling for a shake up at the Bravo editing team – anyone who has ever watched this show could tell from the early editing that Team France was doomed. Cmar’s comment about trusting Nick was also fairly noticeable and felt like foreshadowing at the time.
• Cmar – “I am really nervous this morning, but I’m nervous every morning.” Heh.
• Chung doesn’t want to be the first to lose an ear on the show – thanks to nitro. If she did, I would hope someone would call that dish the Mike Tyson Special.
• I call a major foul on Serrano regarding Nick’s dish. Clearly it was not good, and I hope the editing misrepresented his opinion, but it appeared to me that a judge on a televised cooking competition refused to eat one of the dishes because he didn’t care for “the new cooking” style. If so, I hope he never gets asked back to the show because that is incredibly unfair.
• Also missing from Bravo website…Louis and Cmar’s LCK dishes. He won, I was sad. That’s all.
• Extra – Everybody agrees with me that Crenn is stunning and awesome.

Next week – Roy Choi the Boy is pissed. There are pasta problems. And Nick and Carlos Part Three takes place over moved pots.

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