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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 13 – To Quit or Not to Quit

Elimination Challenge – More world class chefs appear – Spanish master Julian Serrano and French master Dominique Crenn. Serrano is a bit grumpy, and Crenn is a whole lot of gorgeous. The chefs are divided into teams – BB/Huskey/Carlos vs. Nick/Cmar/Chung – as Spanish vs. French. The masters prep and shop with them – and the ingredients focus on olives, almonds, mussels, chicken and chocolate. Key moment – Crenn suggests the soon to be disasterous “bird’s nest” to Nick. Team Spain is very standard and safe, while Team France is taking huge risks – and both approaches come from their masters. Another reason why Nick should never, ever give up his earned immunity – Crenn was pushing them to do the risky things he failed to execute.

Cmar foreshadows that she is really out of her comfort zone of rustic comfort food. She doesn’t have this kind of training and is really lost with some of the technique. That she is able to execute her dishes later on is a testament to her – and yet another reason she didn’t deserve to go. She wanted to think out of the box, but “didn’t have a box to think in.” Gonna MISS her!

We see BB struggle a bit with hers, and Chung experimenting with liquid nitrogen – but that’s just to throw off the scent a bit. Crenn shows up at the meal really giving Padma a run for her money. Someone give Crenn her own show already! Padma, Emeril, Tom and Pepin are the judges for this challenge.

Chung – Snapper Ceviche. (No photo found on Bravo website) Tom asks if everyone has ice cream with fish. Because that’s what Chung gave them. Crenn liked it a lot, Tom was a bit put off, and Emeril felt the olive oil lifted the dish.

BB – Olive Dish. (No photo found on Bravo website) Pepin found it to be soulful, Emeril said it was cooked perfectly and Serrano was very pleased.

Cmar – Mussels. Tom thought it was a nice mix of modern and old school and flavorful. Others were not as full of praise. This dish was probably her downfall.

BB Ajo Blanco. Emeril wanted to eat another bowl. Crenn felt it lost some flavor.

Carlos Mussels. Pretty tepid response from all.

Cmar/Chung Chicken liver mousse. Crenn was blown away by the flavor. Pepin said it was delicious. Serrano liked the broth, but not the mousse.

Carlos/Huskey Pollo con Arroz. Serrano is pleased, Crenn found it too safe and too dry. Padma thought it was beautiful.

Nick Chocolate Game Hens. Crenn said it was aggressive. Serrano wouldn’t even eat it. Tom hated the nest.

Huskey Chocolate flan. Mediocre. Emeril calls it too sweet.

Nick Almond flan. Crenn also thought too much sweet, plus not as clean. Tom didn’t care for the texture.

It comes down to the fact that the best and worst dishes came from the same team – was the good good enough or the bad too bad? It comes down to the bad being too bad – thus giving the win to the average team. Meh. BB wins with better average dishes than the average dishes from her partners. Carlos would have gone home if they lost – ironic for Nick, isn’t it – as Emeril could only talk about the wedge of lemon Carlos added. Huskey’s dessert was called a relic from the 60s.