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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 11 – Sandbagging On Campus

Cmar, BB and Justin hit the bottom – a rare place for BB. She ran out of corn thanks to the lack of large blenders. Tom tells her the dish needs to have been consistent – and it wasn’t. Padma didn’t care for the wet puree on top of the fried meat. Cmar loves cheese, but Gail thinks it was way too much curd from the cottage cheese. Justin went “too chefy” and blames his lack of college experience as a reason. Tom reminds him that institutional food is salty and acidic.

Bland food usually is a problem, and it was here for Justin. He’s out and we are down to seven – and lots of women still alive.

Quickfire Hits
• Huskey is just now noticing there is no margin for error at this stage in the game – most viewers are just now noticing Huskey is still in this stage of the game.
• Nick was “stuck with quail” at the Quickfire – which I believe was also the phrase uttered over and over again by George H.W. Bush while sleeping in 1992.
• Is it wrong that when Carrie was talking about knowing French and German I just couldn’t stop noticing how much the camera was focused on her chest? Or was that just me?
• Good for tour guides Sara and Raina to get some prime Bravo spotlight for 2 minutes. They have 13 minutes left.
• Huskey was a UCLA tennis star. And I use the term “star” very lightly in this context.
• That LSU tiger better hope Andrew Zimmern isn’t a guest judge…the tiger could be on the menu. Or the rich people from the Matthew Broderick/Marlon Brando classic “The Freshmen.” And yes, I said classic. Carmine said one boy…here are two.
• Anyone else singing Adam Sandler tunes in their heads as the lunch ladies came to help the chefs serve?
• I loved how the Big Brother TV scared the hell out of Cmar.
• Did Tom make a 50 Shades of Grey joke? Many heads out there exploded from that.
• Extra scene – Justin needs a beard net.

Next week – Nick vs. Carlos Part Two. And sushi time.

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