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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Finale – That Spot Between Brazen And Reckless

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• I will admit – I smiled a bit when Laura got excited upon learning of Ciera’s immunity win.
• Hayden may want to take back that comment about competing against two grandmas. Considering the fact that they beat him pretty easily.
• Laura said that she was the lone soldier on the ledge. That is a strange analogy.
• I bet that Aras and Vytas were pretty bummed upon seeing this final Truel challenge – one would think skilled yoga instructors would be really good at this challenge.
• Did anyone notice that Laura’s shoelaces matched her challenge ribbons? What, just me?
• How funny would it have been if Probst came out and started tempting the trueling trio with burgers and chocolate shakes?
• I am sure Laura would like to have a word with the editors who gave her a nice close-up of her pit hair during this challenge.
• I love how Laura helped Tina defeat Vytas and then Tina came back to knock her out. Also fun, Laura asking Tina to give up to “let her have it.” Tina rightfully said no, calling it a million dollar challenge…which it really is not.
• Probst to Laura – “How do you leave this game?” Me, as Laura, to Probst – “The same direction that Hayden just went. Duh.”
• Watching Ciera and Tina work on Monica was fascinating. Ciera knew how to play her – stroke her ego, appeal to her family, and tell her she could win this with a big move. Tina piled on by telling her everyone at Ponderosa was talking badly of her. Seriously, which one of these two won a previous season?
First Challenge – I really dug this one. They have to hold a rope on an unbalanced table and slowly give it slack as they back up to grab tiles and stack on the table. If they fall, you put the one in your hand down and restack. The trick was to go slow and steady and keep the table sturdy. Tyson figured out the trick and managed to get it done. He then asked to be knighted by Probst. Nice.
• Was there any real doubt regarding Tyson getting that HII in Gervase’s hands – no matter what was going on? It made all the sense in the world – and Tyson was playing too good of a game to potentially see it get torpedoed because he wanted a souvenir. I would bet that Monica probably got the word that Gervase was getting that idol and that killed any plans she had for turning on him.
• Interesting how three villains from the Villains Season 20 tribe – Rob, Coach and Tyson – have not only won, or should have won, ensuing seasons but have basically gotten a hero edit each time.
• After Monica kept up with the third person – it seemed to spread to Tina. Someone develop a friggin vaccine to this virus.
Challenge 2 – A big ole obstacle course with 10 stations. Grab a bag of puzzle pieces to create a new puzzle. The solution – number of tiles, number of words, number of stairs – opens a lock and frees a flag. The best part was Monica hip checking and elbowing Gervase. The second best part – Tyson mostly leaping down the slide and somehow not breaking his tailbone.
• Number of peaches? I once learned that it was millions of peaches. Peaches for free.
• Tyson called this the best day of his life – as he knew right away that that victory earned him a million bucks.
• I loved how Tina said, in an effort to sway Monica that you need to know who you want to get the end with. She should know since she won her season because Colby didn’t follow that rule.
• Cheeses, Meats and Mangos. My favorite album.
• Gervase spent a log of blood, sweat and tears to get there. I’m amazed that he missed the opportunity to add “and water” to that.
• Vytas cleared up via Twitter that his choice to vote Monica was more to give her second place since he knew the jury was giving their votes to Tyson. If it was in question, he’d have voted Tyson too. Good, because that’s a better reason than the dumb promise.
• Final Tribal was mostly about making Monica cry. I found it to be tiresome and distasteful. They kept getting vulnerability and they kept asking for more. It was a strange, strange dynamic.
• FYI, Tyson…fun loving is two words.
• I liked how Hayden used his jury time to find out where the idol was. Snerk.
• Reunion notes – We need to shake up this hour because the reunion is getting more and more unwatchable each season. Probst is getting too lippy at challenges, and he is getting WAY too lippy at the reunion. This is NOT his failed talk show. Stop trying to make it into one.
• Gervase is the latest to join the Zero Vote Club which seems to expand every season – The Club consists of Becky, Cassandra, Dreamz, Sugar, Stephen, Mick, Russell, Sash, Natalie, Albert, Chelsea, Dawn, Sherri, Gervase
• I both hated and loved how the loved ones got to sit together.
• Boy, Culpy sure lost a lot of weight since his NFL days.
• Enough with the Tweets. FiligirlFU. Sigh.
• Why would we care what some random woman thought of anyone on this show? And why do we continually have to give attention to Rupert and Colton? Please. No more.
• The most interesting thing I found was Gervase’s explanation of how he found himself painted into a corner with Tyson. The creation of the Unloved was his ticket to the end, but he could never find a plan he trusted to make a strong move against his top ally and threat.
• The less said about the Cochran clip with Will Arnett the better.
• Even less said about Kitten’s hinting towards having a boob job even more better.
• And I say nothing else about the Wesson family. That tragedy is too much to imagine.

Vote 1 – Ciera 3 (Tyson, Monica, Gervase), Gervase 2 (Ciera, Tina) – Both votes don’t count due to HII.

Vote 2 – Tina 3 (Tyson, Monica, Gervase), Gervase 1 (Tina)

Vote To Win – Tyson 7 (Tina, Ciera, Katie, Aras, Caleb, Hayden, Laura), Monica 1 (Vytas), Gervase 0

Next season – Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty. Good thing I have all three.

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