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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 14 – Hail Mary, Full of Lapdogs

So, Monica elected to stick with the boys. They are in the driver’s seat for the Final Three – and a Tyson vs. Monica vote is very likely. The one obstacle that I can see – Laura’s re-entry. Monica could see this as a way to win – the Moretts could theoretically split a vote – Ciera has betrayed a lot of jury members, and Laura has already been voted out twice. That could be a good angle for her to take. Tina and Hayden would be dangerous opponents at the end because of their social game. But Laura? That could be the one thing that endangers the inevitability of a Tyson victory.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Tyson 3.0 again showing his chops – “You can’t let a person on the bottom know they are going home. That’s Survivor 101.” Man, after Tyson and Coach upped their games the third time around, I wonder if we will be getting more unexpected 3.0 performances. We’ve had some stellar 2.0s improvements too – Boston Rob (whose 4.0 was pretty amazing too), Parvati, Amber, Jenna L., Steph, Cochran all come to mind. Jerri was a good 3.0 as well – she was a much better player in HvV. Gervase 2.0 has been better – if not perfect. Of course, there are some who regressed – Colby, Ethan, Rupert, James, all come to mind. Tina is an odd case – 2.0 was horrible, 3.0 has been decent, but 1.0 was the best. Anyway, I digress.
2 – Tyson to Gervase about Monica – “She’s not great at Survivor, but she’s coming in handy.” True, Monica is too paranoid and not a great strategist. However, she’s kicking both of their asses at challenges. So there’s that.
3 – Truel. The ole pole building and poking it to get keys to open cages. I always picture the Season 7 Outcast challenge for this. Immediately, Tina is coaching Katie on how to build the pole. Lots of thanks here for Laura saving Tina’s behind in the last two Truels. Everyone knew Laura was going to smoke them – and she did. The question was going to be if Tina would compete to beat her daughter. Katie would have won if her key hadn’t fallen – I think Tina was tanking it up to that point. But once it fell, Tina had to keep going. I don’t think Katie would have wanted her mom to give up – I don’t think she wanted to survive that way. They both would have been cool in looking the other way as Tina half-assed the challenge – but an out-and-out quit would have not worked. So mom survives and daughter goes home. And officially, the Moretts are the last pair standing. Who would have believed that when the season began?
4 – And now we reach the moment where I have finally connected with Tina. I always considered her a weak winner – I felt Colby blew that season – who followed up with a stinker in All-Stars. She just hasn’t been one of my favorites. But now we connect. As Katie left, Tina got emotional. It seems, like me, Tina is adopted. And so she doesn’t have blood relatives. So, her first real connection was with her kids. It is hard feeling to describe to anyone who is not adopted – but it is real. And intense. This is your lifeline to the world. I totally get you on this, Tina. And it makes your loss last week that much more tragic. I’m giving you a blogger to subject long distance hug right now.
5 – The U.S. Patent office should not be holding their breath for the application to brand the Gervase 1-10 Scale of Trusting. Although they already have one for Scruples.
6 – Challenge. Water. Bouie. Ropes. Tiles. Puzzle. You Are Going To Have To Dig Deep. Tyson and Monica blow the rest out on the physical challenge, but all catch up at the puzzle. Most are stuck with the “v” in “have” because they are using it in “vote.” Ciera figures it out and wins her first challenge. I’ve already discussed the editing here. She gets a big meal and can choose one person, so she takes Monica…er…wait, she took Hayden?!?! If you are trying to work on Monica to flip, why wouldn’t you take her to dinner first? Really puzzling decision.
7 – Also puzzling…with steak and lobster as choices, Ciera and Hayden chose burgers and pizza. Cheap dates, the both are. (Not sure why I am talking like Yoda)
8 – So…interesting shot of Monica taking in the information Ciera was laying on her. That was most certainly the classic Mom Eyes of Death as she took it all in.
9 – Good for Hayden to not take his impending doom seriously, as he commented on how hot Katie looked at Tribal. And she did.
10 – Tribal constituted a good try by Ciera and Hayden. A lively debate between all five of them, and a predictable ending. This is the mark of a good season of Survivor – even the predictable votes have been mostly interesting to watch this season.

Votes – Hayden 3 (Monica, Tyson, Gervase), Gervase 2 (Hayden, Ciera)

Next week – well, Sunday. The two-hour finale, the reunion and the 26th winner of Survivor.

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