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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 10 – There’s No Place Like Home

Last group
Justin – Rice and Gravy. Emeril feels the Louisiana. The actor wanted more gravy.

Carrie Asparagus. She gets praise from all around.

BB Curry Chicken. Q-bert could eat a whole bowl of it. Padma wishes for some avocado.

The Big Brother screen gives them nothing but praise. There is no clue who’s going to win or lose. Padma comes and fetches Cmar, Nick and Carlos for the Winners Circle. All are relieved. Nick’s had pure love in it. Cmar admits to catching her own mussels back home, and Emeril tells her they were perfect here. Carlos’ tortillas rocked, and Emeril wanted to get liquored up it seems. Nick earns a second consecutive win and gets scolded by the actor to lighten up.

Cap, Huskey and Justin get the bottom spots – and Cap knew instantly he was doomed. Justin’s just lacked more gravy, Huskey’s a charcoal flavor, but his biscuit was raw. It was easy to see who was getting the loss. He took it in stride and then made his way to LCK. There he battled Louis , but failed to earn the win. So Cap joins the other defeated chefs, Louis stays alive, and we have eight still in the kitchen.

Quickfire Hits
• Has there been a chef on the show more surprised when they do well than Cmar? I don’t think so.
• Speaking of my favorite chef, loved the shot of her as a little kid. With the same deadpan glare at the camera that she gives to us every week!
• Loved the Cmar and Chung prep show – topped by Chung’s warning, “My next motion is pretty annoying too.” HA!
• Anyone want to draft BB for a future Survivor season after watching her dismantle that coconut? And her 94-year-old granny could be her family visitor.
• Did Leah name drop Ray Charles, or was I hearing things?
• Tom offered Padma up as a shaker. Create your own fan fiction here.
• Extra – Mechanically separated meat. And Tom’s poor fishing skills.

Next week – LSU students. Carlos and Nick get into it a bit. And Carrie struggles with broccoli.

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