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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 10 – There’s No Place Like Home

What Justin and BB made is apparently going to remain a mystery. Huskey and Nick hit the bottom with the lack of coffee and the excess of coffee. Chung’s garlic pairing, Carrie’s fine coffee flavor, and Cmar’s surprisingly good dish all hit the top spots. Chung gets the win, and her family will now stop sweating in the Nevada heat.

For the Elimination Challenge – actor Anthony Mackie is the guest. And I have never heard of him – and I watch way too much TV and movies. Cmar helps out by reminding us that he was in “8 Mile,” which I have not watching in a long time. I just remember Eminem as the star, my high school actress crush Kim Basinger, that Clueless actress who died and Mekhi Phifer, who I only remember because he’s a lyric in “Lose Yourself.” But anyway, this dude is a judge. They make what they crave when they go home – they get to do the whole thing at Dooky Chase and the famous Leah Chase – the awesome old lady from Episode 2 that Philly Jason disrespected.

Justin is getting chicken to replace squirrel for his recipe. Thank goodness. Carrie recalls creamed asparagus on toast with egg from when she was young. That. Sounds. Awesome! BB does a little song about her love for curry. Nick is making gnudi – or as his daughter calls it, nudie – which is his little girl’s favorite dish. Cmar is making bread, mussels and pickled pepper broth. Also, sounds awesome. Carlos is using the pressure cooker – could be dangerous – and is making an old family recipe. Huskey is as well – his mom’s marinade and his dad’s beef.

Cap tells Tom about his biscuits and gravy and Tom is surprised there is no buttermilk. Chung is describing hers – I think, hard to hear – as a Chinese Bolognese. She is taking a risk here because of her immunity – smart move. Huskey is reduced to tears thinking of his ailing dad – he won’t be the only chef to tear up this week.

Justin knows that easy dishes are often criticized the most – which really affects his rice and Cap’s biscuits. Huskey is learning he has no grill, so he has to grill on a skillet. Nick is also going with a humble, simple dish. Carrie is struggling to poach 13 eggs at once.

First wave of dishes.
Carlos Conchita Pibil. Emeril loves the pork, and in fact, all of them love the dish.

Huskey Korean BBQ NY Strip Steak. Tom misses the charcoal flavor.

Cap Biscuits and gravy – The actor likes it, but Emeril instantly notices the raw inside and says that if you make a biscuit it better be spot on.

I wonder if going first hurt Huskey and Cap in this challenge – considering how good everything else was coming up. Who knows.

Next round – Nick starts to break down under the pressure and the thought of having defeat associated with his little girl’s favorite dish.

Nick Ricotta Gnudi – Padma thought it was so soft, and Q-bert noticed the emotions shown and reflected in the dish. The actor wants to be Nick’s daughter. Well, that’s an acting challenge for you.

Chung Beijing Noodles – Emeril is pleased and likes the vinegar from the radish. Tom says it is highly seasoned, which could be good or bad.

Cmar Mussels and Peppers – Emeril and Tom both like it. Leah even gives it some praise. Tom has never had this combination of flavors – and he is pleased with them.