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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 13 – I Wanna Rock!

The biggest wild card to the game remains the RI winner. I would be surprised if Tina wasn’t the next elimination – I can’t see her going full force in a truel against her own daughter. And I would assume Hayden is the next vote out – barring immunity, something he has yet to win. So, Katie, Laura or Hayden re-enters into the new Final Five. Are any of them worth subbing out Monica? Or can one of them plus Ciera sway Gervase into a new Final Three – one where he may stand a chance of winning? We shall soon see.

Treemail Top 10
1 – I couldn’t stop thinking about some fan fiction Survivor character named Russell Feathers during the Grammar Battle. It would be as if Mr. Hantz became a cross dresser.
2 – Hayden needs to know that Kitten did not coin the term “Touche” – of course, I don’t want to Russell Hantz his feathers.
3 – I am calling for the official retirement from the Survivor lingo of “target on my back” and “throw under the bus.”
4 – I am also calling for the elimination of any imagery of Tyson being on Gervase’s lap and any dirty jokes involving ventriloquism. Shudder.
5 – Caleb should also know that a man’s word in the South is not necessarily a positive thing. I bring up the Civil War as People’s Exhibit A.
6 – Truel – The ole house of cards. Not the House of Cards. Oh, Francis Underwood. You cad. They had to build it 8 feet high, or tallest after 30 minutes. Of course, Laura dusted them. My respect for her social game and strategy is still rather low, but I give her mad props for her challenge ability. Especially puzzles. She was so far ahead, I thought it may be worth it for her to just wait until the time expired to avoid unforced errors. But she boldly went ahead and made the 8-foot mark. Caleb was close to finishing second as Tina struggled. But his Leaning Tower of Yellow Cards came tumbling down ending his time in the game. I’ll give him this – he’s a much better player than Colton. Although they do have in common the fact they are both dudes. And are human. And breathe oxygen. That’s about it.
7 – This dynamic seems to be taking hold again – is it me, or are Ciera and Katie getting better looking as the season goes on? 30 days with no makeup, little food, and the elements should take its toll on people, but it seems to be somewhat common on Survivor that some of them look better without the comforts of home. Or maybe we’re just more familiar with them this way. No clue. But I just noticed it this week. Or perhaps the hipster glasses are growing on me.
8 – The new hidden idol clue goes to Ciera who amazingly shares it with the others. It’s the Final Six, Ciera. Go get it yourself. Hayden is shown literally under the branch where it sits. So close. Tyson tears up in his confessional about needing to win to justify his choice not to switch with Rachel – man, Tyson 3.0 is really a different beast, isn’t he? And then he finds this one. He risked a great deal in not playing it during the insane tribal – and I assume he’ll be playing it in the next one just to be sure. And he “put it in his crotch, where nobody will expect a bulge.” Oh, poor Rachel.
9 – Challenge – Obstacle Course. You have to balance a ball on a stick and go through a series of barriers, a balance beam, and others before opening up a box of sand bags that you use to hit nine targets. The reward is ice cream. I would be ON this challenge, dudes and dudettes. 32 days without ice cream is unacceptable. The best part of the challenge? The ball falling off and hitting Katie in the head. Twice. Basically, Gervase and Monica smoke the others, with Tyson mostly keeping up. Monica held a lead all the way, but Gervase again showed his ability in hitting targets and blew past her for the win. He then made the huge mistake of rewarding his two alliance mates with the reward – the better choice would be to leave out Tyson and reward Ciera to keep her closer. But he didn’t. And that helped lay the groundwork for Ciera’s flip.
10 – Tribal was insane, but we covered that. The most interesting part to me – other than the previously mentioned things – was that both Monica and Gervase reinforced Ciera’s fears without even realizing it. Monica said that “four is better than six” which played right into Hayden’s argument that Ciera was fourth in the alliance. Gervase incredibly tried to refute that but wound up making it worse by counting his alliance by pointing to them, and assigned Ciera the number four. Amazing.

Vote 1 – Hayden 3 (Tyson, Gervase, Monica), Monica 3 (Ciera, Hayden, Katie).

Vote 2 – Hayden 2 (Tyson, Gervase), Monica 2 (Ciera, Katie).

After the four voting Survivors made no unanimous choice, the rock pull became the next step. Unlike the first time when Paschal was taken out in Season 4, the Rock of Death is a White Rock this time. Gervase was immune, so only Hayden, Katie and Tyson were at risk. Katie pulled the white rock and apparently earned Tyson’s respect. Or he was just playing for her vote. Hayden’s face went into his hands as he realized how close he was to flipping this game on its ear.

Next week – Tina quits? Ciera works against Tyson.

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