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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 9 – The Most Lopsided Restaurant Wars

The Dream Team chose Modern American style and called the place “Found,” for some reason. The eventual winners called theirs “Fin,” not because they completed a European film, but because they were seafood based. Carlos realized right away there were issues – they were doing lots of décor and not a lot of menu planning.

Cap said it perfectly – you could have awesome food, but if you have sh*t service, you will not be open for long. Quite true. Meanwhile, Sara was complaining about the coffee maker, Justin was freaking out over bowl size (rightfully so – as it messed up his dish), and the team was beginning to bicker in the kitchen.

At Fin, Gail likes the name and the judges are really digging Cap’s attention. Cmar absolutely loves the way Nick expedites the food. Meanwhile at Found, Meyer is unable to study the menu…because he never got one in the first place. Sara comes over and apologizes – and then leaves in the middle of a question from a VIP. At the same time, Cap was cutely offering to hold a table leg that was wobbly. This was noticed by the judges who saw him kneeling down to be at eye level with the guests.

The horrible status of Found was encapsulated by Meyer – “Our reservations (at Fin) are in three minutes and we just got our main course.” Gail noted that they were there for a while and no one came to take their order. Tom joked that at Found…he was about to get lost. Sara did not give a ticket to Justin for the judges – she verbally told him the order – and in the madness of that Found kitchen, the order was never placed. Sara also failed, repeatedly, to tell the judges what each dish was and who made it. Except once. Her own. Few things piss off Padma more than this.

The Big Brother TV gave them nothing, so when Fin was called in it was actually a surprise to them. Carrie said it best – egos were checked at the door, and Nick was the boss. He wins and does the right thing – he returns to the Stew Room and calmly claimed the win without rubbing it in or making them feel uncomfortable.

Found was called a disaster by Padma, and Sara amazingly refutes it. She even argued the points about describing the dishes. Don’t argue with Padma – you will never win. I actually think Sara’s attitude hurt her chances to survive – usually the exec chef is axed, but in this case, he was granted a reprieve.

Fin dishes
Huskey Corn. The consistency is not very good and Chang found it to be too snotty.

Carrie Gulf Shrimp. Gail found them a little overcooked, but with good flavor. Tom felt it was too much of an oil slick – but in a good way.

Cmar Pasta and Oysters. Tom thought she did a good job, the pasta had a nice bite to it. Gail appreciated the salty brininess from the caviar.

Nick Roasted Drum. Chang said it was delicious. Gail found it was bold to cook a meaty local fish.

Cap Olive Oil Cake. The gel on this dish was great, as opposed to the one made by Huskey. Gail said it was not moist, but tasty.