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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 11 – Mom Strength and Daughter Power

Oh, one last thing. The challenge. I am still very surprised when I see people choose to eat rather than compete for immunity. I think if you are on Survivor, if you chose this adventure, then go for the adventure. I get what Ciera was saying – she’s rather eat and not compete than not eat and lose – since she was certain she could not hold the weight required to win this. If she was convinced she’d lose, then why bother? I get that. But still. And why Tyson and Gervase would just broadcast overconfidence and risk a blindside is beyond me. The three of them choosing to eat just made it really obvious that they were together. It gave the others a chance to scrounge together a plan. Perhaps attempt to woo Monica.

I know if I was on Survivor, I’d rather do the challenges than eat BBQ chicken. I can have chicken every day for the rest of my life, but when would you be able to challenge yourself in these ways? I give mad props to Monica who is going full force at this game – and winning it very quietly. Culpy got the early attention with the edit, but his wife is having a great game so far.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Nice job by Laura in faking out Tina at RI – “It’s not Katie!”
2 – I also wonder if her line about Tyson “flying under the radar like nobody’s business” and Monica winning challenges is a big ole foreshadowing on who is going to be sitting in front of the jury.
3 – Is “Namaste, bitches” the biggest oxymoron in the history of oxymorons?
4 – Did Katie compare herself to a hermit crab? Willingly?
5 – I was wondering if Hayden’s desperate play to put the target on Ciera would work. It was a smart move – deny making the move and throw the deviousness onto Ciera. There have been many cases in the past where the swing vote overplayed their hand and became the target of the vote.
6 – Did Monica even speak in this episode until the challenge?
7 – Ciera did a lot right recently, but not looking at Hayden and Caleb and acting really strangely was not one of them. Way to clue them in on your treachery.
8 – Loved Tyson tossing the bones over his shoulder into the woods. I’m sure the critters loved it too. The only thing better…Tyson and Gervase sharing a sausage and loaf of bread in Lady and the Tramp style.
9 – Hayden tried, I’ll give him that. Between the move and the blisters on the hands – he tried and lost over and over again. It makes me wonder if that is going to be his Survivor fate – he tried, but continued to fail.
10 – The scene of Tyson emptying his bag to try and find the idol was funny. But I feel you Tyson, that’s me everyday with my bag trying to find my Blackberry. My keys. My ID. You name it.

Votes – – Caleb 4 (Tyson, Gervase, Monica, Ciera), Ciera 3 (Hayden, Katie, Caleb).

Next week – Hayden makes a play to sway Gervase. The plot thickens.

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