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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 7 – …And All That Jazz…And Bad Voiceovers

The main thing to get out of the prep – Cmar likes artichokes. A lot. I mean, so much so that she turned into Bubba from “Forrest Gump.”

At the challenge, Padma, Tom. Gail and former Top Chef: Masters’ contestant Sue Zemanick, a New Orleans-based master chef will serve as the judges. Justin and Sue are buddies, so one wonders if he will have it easier or tougher as a result.

First Team – Chung, Louis and Sara.

Justin Grits.
Louis Veggies.
Chung/Sara Glazed Beef.

Gail digs the butter in the grits, but wonders about the seasoning. Tom likes Louis’ veggies that put me to sleep, and Padma likes the beef. I think Kermit actually made a croaking sound. Which instantly makes me think of this.

Second Team – Huskey, Cap, Nick, Vega.

Huskey/Cap Fried Chicken.
Vega Veggie and melon.
Nick – Barramundi. Nothing on the website for the infected one.
Cap/Huskey BBQ Ribs.

Gail likes the flavor of the chicken, Tom finds Nick’s fish to be overcooked, Gail thinks the ribs’ rub was too much and a bit burnt, and Sue thinks the salad needed to be more refreshing than it was.

Third Team – Carrie, BB, Cmar, Carlos.

Cmar Artichokes.
BB Gnocchi. Again.
Carrie/Carlos Tiramisu.

Tom says that cooking artichokes can often be a challenge, but Cmar did a really good job making them. Gail is fan of the sausage in the gnocchi. Tom says the dessert is a good one, even if Sue thinks it is more like a truffle.

The Big Brother screen comes down and the judges were overall pretty happy. Padma gives Cmar’s artichokes the thumbs up. Tom calls BB the Gnocchi Queen. The dessert was not good. Chung did some overcooking, Sue wanted some sauce on the shrimp. The BBQ ribs rub was too much, the melon was underseasoned, and the fish was overcooked, while Immune Huskey’s chicken was a highlight.

The Second Team gets called in with the reversal bottom team going in first trick. Huskey is immune, and Cap’s dishes were decent. So this is basically coming down to Nick’s overcooked fish, and Vega’s bland salad.

The Third Team gets the win. Cmar’s aioli is praised, as well as the fried capers. Gail thinks the gnocchi was fantastic – it seems BB has overcome the Top Chef Gnocchi Jinx. The dessert was lacking a the coffee flavor, but Carlos’ cake was good. And Cmar gets the win! Yay! And she smiles!! Double yay!!! It’s the first thing she’s won since high school basketball. When she won most improved. Snerk.

In the end, Vega’s long-overdue elimination comes due. Nick and his virus survive. Vega heads to LCK and takes on Champion Booth. Do I even need to tell you who won?

Quickfire Hits
• Anyone else notice Cmar doing a pronounced march during the musical chairs. She reminded me of the kids from the old Peter Pan Disney cartoon.
• Nick to Cap – “Touch it. Sniff it.” Get a room, boys.
• Cmar jokes that Nick’s strep medicine was a form of performance enhancing drugs. Heh. Does that turn Nick into A-Rod?
• More Cmar – Okie, dokie, artichokies. Ok, this may be the kiss of death for her, but she’s become my favorite this season. I’m on Team Cmar!
• Extra scene – The chefs talking about bad potluck dishes. Ambrosia salad. Green jello and carrots. Things with mayo. Vega mocks Americans. She’s Puerto Rican. Last time I checked, we owned that island. Just saying.

Next week – Dr. John. A pig carcass. And a sneaky gator.

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