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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 9 – Two Obvious Boots For The Price of One

The second Immunity Challenge involved Survivors with Swords. In that Game of Thrones mashup , I assume Tyson would be a Lannister. Gervase from Qarth. Hayden would be a Tyrell. Caleb a Tully. Tina and Katie would be Starks. And Laura and Ciera would be from Dorne. None would have dragons.

And I geeked the hell out of you there.

But alas, no battle. They had to keep the sword handle up and balanced on a shield and stack coins. Ho. Hum. Lots of hand shaking. And not in greeting. And no bitcoins. They had to stack in varying sizes to make it harder, but still, this was stacking coins on TV. Now if they had to stack on their elbows and then flip in the air and catch them, that’d be fun. And something I could do. In the end, the interesting thing to me was Tina – out of the challenge – giving Katie verbal encouragement. First, shut up mom! She’s trying to concentrate! Second, she just encouraged her daughter to immunity and three more days, but the interesting result is that she encouraged herself right to RI.

Because, we all knew that was going to happen. Tina tried to find the idol has her last hope, but we know Tyson has it stashed. But Tyson wasn’t ready to reveal this, so they set out to follow Tina wherever she went. Amusingly, like Hazard County deputies following the Duke Boys…they actually lost her. They did catch up eventually and babysat her for the day. In the end, she got voted out. And we are down to eight.

Katie needs to become a challenge monster to survive. And unless several hipster challenges are on the horizon, I doubt this will happen. It’s at that point where the Unloved will eat its own. Monica and Laura are the logical next votes, but someone could try to make a move on Tyson who needs to remain vigilant if he is writing a championship chapter in his Survivor history.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Vytas did the smart thing following the Aras blindside – as a fan of the game…great move. Tina, the accidental former winner (seriously Colby…take Keith!), doesn’t see it that way and scolds Tyson and Monica for flipping. She tells them they lost jury votes from five people now. Wait. Five? The brothers, her and Katie. I wonder if the reason she didn’t scold Gervase for the vote was because she thinks Gervase was not a member of the Unloved.
2 – Tyson on the mealworms – they’re just like gummy worms, except grosser. Spoken correctly, in my mind, as gummy worms are gross in their own right.
3 – Just as Aras barely lost immunity and got booted, the same happened to Vytas this week. It’s a game of inches or seconds from time to time, isn’t it?
4 – Gervase doesn’t trust Monica anymore – he says “don’t rock the boat.” To which I say, “Don’t rock the boat, baby.”
5 – On RI, we get a great glimpse into the brother dynamic. Vytas doing some trash talking – You’re the one that got us out of the game, bro. Aras reminding him that they were still in the game. Vytas bragging that he’s going to beat Aras in the next truel. It was classic brothers. Complete with a burp.
6 – Probst doing some inadvertent dirty talk – “Everybody grab your sword!”
7 – Nice shot during the coins of sweat droplets rolling off of Tyson’s nose as he concentrated.
8 – Monica has a moment of realization – they can’t split votes off of Tina to account for the idol…because she’s likely the split.
9 – Tina follows Vytas’ lead and calls out Monica for being duped and being on the bottom of the alliance. Monica proves to be a bad Tribal talker and just digs her hole deeper.
10 – Gervase thinks wild cards ruin everything. His poker games must be boring.

Vote 1 – Vytas 7 (Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb, Monica, Tina, Katie), Katie 2 (Laura, Ciera), Thai Son 1 (Vytas). So it seems, Tina and Katie turned on their ally in order to save Katie.

Vote 2 – Tina 7 (Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb, Monica, Ciera, Laura), Monica 1 (Katie), Tyson 1 (Tina)

Next week – Ciera is ready to cut bait on her mom.

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