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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 9 – Two Obvious Boots For The Price of One

So, yeah, I am not a fan of the Double Tribal episodes, but you already know that. If feels to me like a poor way of whittling down a large cast in 13 episodes where no one was forced to leave the game for injury. And it also feels like there was nothing going on during those days on the island.

But mostly it’s usually an excuse to lump together two eliminations that fall into two categories – they were really obvious, or they involved people who barely got an edit. That’s what we had this week.

Spoiler alert – The Unloved is still a thing. And Vytas and Tina are chilling on RI with Aras. A winner, his brother and another winner. And one will be out for good next week. And how weird was it…nobody was eliminated from the game this week. How amazingly boring!

But of course, for anyone who has watched 27 seasons of Survivor…that was no spoiler. You’d have to be crazy not to see this coming. I mean, sure, the editing did their best to make us think that the Unloved were going to turn on Monica, but there was no real logic to such a move with Vytas and Tina still hanging around. The Unloved did the right thing – get rid of your threats before excising the bottom of your alliance.

And make no mistake about it – the Unloved control this game. The core crew – Tyson, Gervase, Hayden, Caleb and Ciera – would have to really stumble badly to mess this up. Monica, Laura and Katie are not going to make waves – especially, based on next week’s previews, if Ciera is willing to betray her own mother. Man, this young lady came to P. L. A. Y. The interesting thing about the Core Five – I really think all five of them have a real chance of winning a jury vote. This is turning out to be a truly fascinating season.

Also fascinating – the drama from the first Immunity Challenge. We had an old fashioned Survivor disgusting food challenge. First up – two groups of five eating 40 live mealworms. They are trying mealworm shooters – which would be the worst Happy Hour special in the history of Happy Hour specials. Vytas has his fall to the ground, forcing him to pick up his half chewed worms and eat them off the ground. Of course, at this point, how much more gross can you get? Amazingly, Vytas and Monica finish after Tyson and move on.

Even more amazing – Gervase advanced out of the next round. Gervase. One of the most classic horrible gross eaters the show has ever had. Amazingly, Boston Rob is one of them – it’s his Kryptonite. But on Season 1, Gervase was just horrid at this and lost the face off against Stacey on live grubs. He still smacks himself in the head to get psyched up – but here, he finishes just after Hayden and just ahead of Caleb to advance. It helped them that Ciera quit and Tina essentially spit hers out.

Next – three ounces of pig intestines. Tyson – remaining on fire – asks how they are prepared. Snerk. However, I guess not good enough for him as he struggles badly. Monica and Gervase advance to the Finals – with Gervase edging Vytas. As learned on Facebook and Twitter, from both Monica and Gervase, there was a deleted course to this Evil Top Chef challenge – cow eyeballs. Regardless, Gervase has a chance for redemption.

With grubs. Ouch. Nice move, Show. He tries hard, but Monica pulls it out. Impressive. Probst even calls her Culpepper. Awww. Has he EVER voluntarily called a woman by her last name on the show? Dawson asked for him to it – mainly out of looooooooveeeeee for him.

Vytas tries. He tries to put it on Katie – don’t let there be too many women around. Don’t let there be two pairs left. Smart. He even offers Tyson his jury vote for three more days. Amusingly, Monica forgets she has immunity and gets super paranoid as Vytas scrambles and thinks she’s going. Laura has to remind her about the necklace. Lady, you just ate worms, guts, eyes and grubs for that. How can you forget that so soon?!?!

Vytas knows he is doomed, but goes out swinging against Monica, kind of unexpectedly. He tells her she’s last in the Unloved – probably correct – and that she was duped by Tyson. He presumably doesn’t realize that Tina essentially blew that one with Monica. She goes back to her husband’s vote out and calls him to blame for that. That was actually Caleb, but yes, Vytas cast the deciding vote. Anyway, he’s sent to RI to join his brother. It’s shame, he has game. I expect to see him back at some point.

The interesting thing to me is how Monica likely sealed her fate as the seventh wheel. She was so made at Vytas that she voted for him. The plan was for Ciera, Monica and Laura to vote for Katie, and Tyson, Gervase, Caleb and Hayden to vote for Vytas. Presumably, three votes could be sent at someone in the Unloved – probably Tyson. Or Thai Son. By flipping, she left Katie with two votes. If Vytas had an idol – possible, the second one was never found, but no one really knows that – and played it, that’s three on Tyson and two on Katie. That’s EXACTLY how Tyson voted himself out of Heroes vs. Villains. He flipped from a close split vote and got burned. If he got booted AGAIN for this dynamic, he would have flipped out.