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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 7 – A Classic Episode Of Survivor…

Treemail Top 10

1 – Kitten’s best line about the futility of her situation – “It’s a puzzle…and I can’t even spell.”
2 – The Truel was the one that Cochran won last year. Open knots, free a machete, cut through ropes, free bags of puzzle pieces and build a vertical puzzle of flames. John wins. Laura cheats off of his finished puzzle. Kitten is out.
3 – John gives the clue to Monica again. Fire. Monica explains. Yawn.
4 – We are getting tons of foreshadowing about the brothers’ overconfidence. It makes me think that Tyson’s play is going to work.
5 – Aras should know better than to leave a full tribe alone while he wanders off to do yoga on a Cliffside. Many seasons of Survivor have shown this – nothing goods from isolating yourself. A winner should know this.
6 – So, the Vytas/Katie thing. The two sat on the beach getting chatty as Tina comes over. Katie’s thinking, “Come on, Mom. A little space.”
7 – And Tina, criticizing your daughter’s flirting skills on TV? And suggesting that the only way I guy will get her is to go all caveman on her? Progressive. And uber creepy.
8 – Vytas making a very politically incorrect, but pretty accurate statement – what some women like more than a bad boy, is a reformed bad boy. Not sure how popular he is with some women’s groups with that – but there may be some truth in it.
9 – Challenge – Four are chained together, they have to go through obstacles and gather up pieces of bolos. Then one gets to toss them onto racks. The best part is when the teams wrestle a bit and Aras winds up with his head between the legs of Monica. Tyson and Tina toss and Tyson edges her out for the win. They also get fried chicken – which will probably whip through their systems in about five seconds.
10 – A couple of final interesting nuggets – Tina says the brothers reek of honesty and sincerity. Only on Survivor is that a negative. And Mrs. Rupert pointing out that Aras’ victory in S12 is a negative. True. But remember, Rupert won that ridiculous fan voted million bucks during All-Stars. They ain’t exactly paupers either.

Votes – – Mrs. Rupert 4 (Vytas, Tina, Katie, Monica), Vytas 1 (Mrs. Rupert)

Next week – We merge.

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