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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 7 – A Classic Episode Of Survivor…

…a classic filler episode that is.

Wow. Yawn.

First, folks. Halloween trumps blogging. As does work. And that’s what happened since the episode aired. Thankfully it wasn’t as if this episode warranted much blogging. I mean we spent about a third of the time of the episode in the Truel. And it wasn’t as if anything interesting was going on.

What was going on? The worst reality show fan fiction ever written. Big Brother Winner and Survivor Crazy Person start dating and join forces on another season of Survivor. Awwww. However, like many contestants on these shows, the two of them are either actors already, or worse, people who think they can act and desperately want to prove it.

What was the drama here? Kitten was concerned that her early exit would lead to Hayden breaking up with her. Not exactly Romeo and Juliet level of drama. So she says she was proud not to cry – and then she cried. It sure made me nostalgic for community theater. Kitten kept up the drama upon entering RI Arena. You could almost visibly see the wheels turning in Hayden’s face – do I cry? What do I say? Reality Bot 9000 cannot compute.

Kitten essentially tells her boyfriend that if the roles were reversed she would take his place at the arena. Needless to say…he does not agree. Again, you can see the wheels turning. How to convince her otherwise? He asks her a question for which he already knew the answer – who had a better chance of winning?

Obviously it is Hayden. First of all, he’s not standing in RI Arena about to take on a doctor and a puzzle queen at a puzzle. Second of all, Kitten really never had much of a chance anyway. She has no strategic skills and was obviously not well placed in an alliance. If they switched, she would wind up among a tribe of men and Ciera. Why would they keep her?

Needless to say, Kitten stood no chance. Especially with the fact that Laura could just look at John’s completed puzzle and copy it. Kitten was doomed from the start and then had a bad luck of the draw. I think anyone who watches this show closely knew Kitten wasn’t going to make it far – for a returning player who received so much attention the first time around to receive barely any…you knew she was pre-jury.

The rest of the episode…well…we had a challenge. Yeah. That challenge led to some weird goings on before Tribal Council. For the second time, the show chose to use interviews of Mrs. Rupert that were recorded during the first three days. She’s wearing a red buff on her wrist. Were there really no other good interviews of her?

We were led to believe that her telling Vytas that he was going home ruined the trust the rest of the tribe had for her. Because she spoke out of turn. In a nice way. I don’t buy it. I think she’s always been on the outs. I think Vytas did a good job in getting in with the women. I think they like having a guy around – especially if needed at challenges. I think that Tina and Aras may have had a pre-alliance of winners. I think Laura was doomed the minute Rupert swapped with her. She does not have the social skills or strategic skills to overcome the deep hole she was placed into.
That was it. A very slow, quiet pre-merge episode.

The most interesting thing that occurred – in my opinion – was the beginning of what may be a new power alliance. I thought Tyson and Gervase were part of that winner-alliance with Tina and Aras. But perhaps not. Interestingly, Tyson seems to have moved against them. His plan is a good one – there are six people in their tribe, and five of them have had a loved one voted out. Just Aras has not. It’s a smart play by Tyson – the only wrinkle is if Ciera and her mom get reunited after the next Truel. But he could decide to ignore this for a moment and take the free sixth person. Deal with Samoa Laura later.

So, Tyson’s Alliance of The Lonely, plus the Truel winner puts them at six. The foursome of Aras, Tina and family have Monica. That does it. That’s a 6-5 merge advantage. They take them out one by one, turn on the Moretts at some point if Laura is back, and we could see a Tyson, Gervase, Caleb and, well, what do you know, Hayden grouping at the end.

I guess they were right. Hayden does have a better chance at winning.