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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 4 – Captain Vietnam and The Adventure of the Italian Shrimp

I actually forgot their team color…so…guessing…GREEN TEAM

Cap Lettuce wrap. Tom liked it, but Gail found no balance in flavors. Padma wanted to be smacked in the face with it. Gail said Padma likes to be smacked in the face with things. Hang on…getting dizzy now.

Sara/Cmar Dim sum. Tom liked the oxtail, but didn’t care for the texture.

Bene/Booth Shrimp and Tomato Sauce. Oh, they hated it. Gail wondered why you would fry in some kind of batter and then slather in sauce. Tom thought the shrimp tasted too cooked down. Emeril found the sauce too “Diablo” style. And Padma called the rice atrocious.

Cmar Macaroon. Padma said it was more of a coconut ball. And Gail compared it to treats at Passover. Oops.

Needless to say, Orange wins, and “Green” loses. I expected Justin and his kick ass Pho to win, but Chung gets the victory for her flavorful shrimp. I should have remembered my rule that the featured ingredient usually gets the win and the loss.

As for the losers, Sara is in tears. Tom is incredulous about an Italian dish in the middle of a Vietnamese challenge and gives Cap some grief. Booth admits to being nervous about it, but she didn’t fight it. She also said she flash fried the shrimp for a moment to keep them warm. That was her doom right there. Eddie gives Cmar credit for making an authentically mediocre Vietnamese dessert. Um, great.

The question becomes – who goes home? Cmar and Sara were ok thanks to the dim sum. Would it be the shrimp, the sauce of the concept? Of course, the shrimp and the lovely Booth is on her way to LCK. For that, we may never get along, Cap. I lose those cut off shorts in the kitchen. Tragedy of epic proportion.

Quickfire hits

• Nick works fast. Met wife in Atlantic City – the most romantic city this side…oh I can’t. It’s a hole. Married and having kids within a year. Get down with your bad self!

• Nina thinks Emeril has a Secret Bedroom. Emeril’s Secret Bedroom is the title of some scary chef fan fiction somewhere, I am sure.

• Chung’s new song – “Oh, hey, hello jalapeno!”

• Nina made a reference to Pam Anderson’s breasts being fake. Whoa. Feels like 1996 all over again.

• Aren’t you proud of me for not making any Forrest Gump shrimping boat jokes?

• The St. Lucia wisdom of Nina – “There’s everything, but there’s nothing.”

• Loved Justin sitting there as Captain Vietnam and Eddie got into it over the lack of lemongrass thinking to himself, “Gee, I’ve got plenty. You want to ask?” And then he quoted Napoleon, which was awesome.

• Extra scene – A plank off. Of course Chung wins. She wins everything.

Next week – The women who gave us Padma and Gail. Thank you. Lea Michelle. And Boo Boo Sweetie Baby Cakes.

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