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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 6 – Living La Vetus Loco

Treemail Top 10

1 – Now Aras is worried about being seen as a threat? After leading the tribe on his New Age plan, driving Colton from the game and voting out Laura, coupled with the fact that…he’s a PAST WINNER?!?! Now…he thinks he’s a threat? I’m amazed he’s in such a good position.
2 – Speaking of just realizing things…Monica now realizes that she has to do things on her own. Now she remembered that there can only be one winner on this show.
3 – Tyson – “I have zero beliefs, except for magic. Because magic is awesome.” Loved it. No yoga for him, but magic works. Someone make him the Professor of Survivor Studies at Hogwarts.
4 – Boy, how pissed do you think the producers are that people keep throwing the damn clues into the fire? They love HII and want them found and in the game. This must be killing them. The best chance they have is the fact that Hayden and Caleb can’t keep their mouths shut and told the Coconut Bandits what they knew of John’s clues. Upon receiving the info, Tyson turned into Forrest Gump – “Stupid will be stupid.” Maybe someone will find them now.
5 – Now I have to remember the tribe names – Tadhana is the mostly dude tribe. Galang is the mostly ladies tribe.
6 – More interesting play from Tyson. He is still stealing coconuts, but he is also blatantly eating as much as he wants. That’s risky. However, smart move…in a teasing manner he is making it clear that Aras is calling the shots. Smart that he is doing it, and clever that he’s doing it so subtly. Tyson came to play this year.
7 – Even more Tyson as a bunch of centipedes and other critters emerge from a log – “All of the dangerous animals were in that log.” I don’t know, I found that pretty damn funny.
8 – Was it just me or did it seem as if Monica was dogging it a bit in the water? She was swimming the backstroke pretty lazily. Maybe it was just my imagination.
9 – She never speaks, but can we talk about Katie’s glasses for a moment? Did she get them at Retro Hipster Lenscrafters?
10 – Most awkward moment – Tina and Monica talking at the water well about Kitten’s move and how they were planning on taking out Vytas at first…with Vytas standing right there!

Votes – – Kitten 5 (Tina, Katie, Monica, Laura, Vytas), Vetus…which is how Kitten spelled it 1 (Kitten)

Next week – Are Vytas and Katie getting it on? And is anyone turning on Aras?

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