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The Voice, Oct. 14 – Battle Rounds Begin

Looking through preview of who will be performing tonight, I can’t say I want half of them to go home. I’m hoping for a lot of saves, but if it follows the same as the blind auditions. we won’t have many on the first night, as judges are going to be careful and safe them for who they really want.

Battle: Grey, 25, Jacksonville, FL vs. Nic Hawk, 26, Dallas, TX. Team Adam and his advisor Ryan Tedder. Adam chose the Jessie J. song because she’s diverse and eclectic, just like this pairing. Grey is nervous going against Nic because of his energy and presence onstage, and Nic is a little afraid of her. Adam wants her to to save a little breath for the end of the song. He knows from the get go that this is a huge challenge for Nic.

Song: Domino

Me: Grey is right about Nic’s energy; that’s for sure. Yet it does seem a little more natural for her.
Blake: He feels Nic’s value for the show and doesn’t know how you don’t go with him.
Christina: Nic has an energy level to keep up, but Grey did a really good job balancing it. She’d go with her for the consistent vocals.
Cee Lo: Grey deserves to be here, but he’s partial to what Nic is bringing to the stage.
Adam: This is just the tip of the iceberg as far as Grey’s vocal ability, and Nic’s energy and unique character are infectious.
Winner: Grey
Steal:Blake takes Nic, telling Adam he “screwed up so bad.”

Battle: Amber Nicole, 17, Houston, TX vs. Timyra-Joi, 15, San Diego, CA. Team Christina and her advisor Ed Sheeran. Christina paired them because of their similarities of youthfulness and potential. She is choosing this song for them as she wants them to dig a little deeper. Ed and Christina want Timyra to watch her tremble, and Christina thinks Amber came up with great “louds and softs.” Ed feels Timyra’s voice is really suited to the song, while Christina thinks she’s only giving fifty percent. Christina wants to make sure Amber doesn’t doubt herself.

Song: Listen

Me: It seems like the song starts a little too low for Timyra, while Amber seems more ready to record from the very start.
Cee Lo: He was more partial to Amber because of her experience, but Timyra’s voice really cuts. He gives it to her.
Adam: He heard Timyra get nervous, but after that it was incredible. Amber was real crisp.
Blake: He’s never seen Christina cry in a battle round, and he can’t even help her with who to pick.
Christina: She is proud to know that she heard them first and pushed her button. She tries to follow her gut and instinct.
Winner: Amber

Battle: Justin Chain, 23, Fort Payne, AL vs. Shelbie Z, 21, Jasper, AL. Team Blake and his advisor Cher. For Blake it was the most obvious pairing. He’s giving them the love song ballad to see what they do at the peak of their range. Cher advises Shelbie she has to think down and not be nervous of the high notes and tells Justin to find his power and use it. Blake feels the harmonies are all over the map. Cher admits she’s not good at it either.

Song: Don’t You Wanna Stay

Me: They’re both fantastic and find great harmony, but for straight versatility, I’d go with Shelbie. It’s never easy for anyone to sing Kelly Clarkson songs, but she nails it.
Christina: She realizes they’d be a great duet pairing, as it’s hard to do, but they blended perfectly. To choose just one artist, she’d go with Shelbie.
Cee Lo: They’re word “Stay” was beautiful, and he realizes this gave Shelbie more opportunities, so he has to pick her.
Adam: The best battles are the ones that don’t feel like it. He couldn’t focus on separation, as they were such a great unit. He found someone a little sharp, and didn’t know who he was, but Cee Lo confirms it was Shelbie, so Adam would go with Justin.
Blake: Blake has performed this with Kelly and thinks Justin would kick the hell out of what he did, yet Shelbie delivered what Kelly did.
Winner: Shelbie Z.

Battle: Anthony Paul, 18, Twinburg, OH vs Caroline Pennell, 17, Saddle River, NJ. Team Cee Lo and advisor Miguel. While Caroline is shy, Anthony is outgoing, and he thinks this choice of song gives them a chance to signify themselves. Miguel thinks Caroline’s instinctive changes heighten the meaning of the words. Cee Lo doesn’t want Anthony to overdo the song. They can feel the emotion in Anthony, and Caroline needs to work on that a little.

Song: As Long as You Love Me

Me: She brings her interesting voice to this, while he brings his years of show choir. She couldn’t sing everything, while it seems like he could.
Adam: It’s more in line with Anthony, but she took it to something he could see becoming popular, making him choose her as the winner.
Blake: He thinks they’re both good, but he showed more versatility.
Christina: Sh loves what Caroline did with the chorus, yet he really worked the louds and softs. She’s torn.
Cee Lo: There’s something so efficient about Anthony’s voice, and something so surreal about Caroline’s.
Winner: Caroline
Steal:Christina steals Anthony because of his vocal control.

Battle: Donna Allen, 54, Hollywood, FL vs Tessanne Chin, 28, Kingston, Jamaica. Team Adam and advisor Ryan Tedder. He chooses this song to challenge both of them for Tess to have Donna’s soul and for her to have Tessanne’s smoothness. Tessanne’s warned not to take a backseat to Donna, as she’ll steamroll her. Tessanne scared Ryan when she went for a crazy high note, but nailed it.

Song: Next to Me

Me: They are both incredible and deserve to be the winner, but I have to go with Donna’s power. It’s the difference between great and amazing.
Blake: To have Donna’s range and raspy sound is great, and Tessane has an ability to put everything she’s heard someone else do into her battle. He goes with Donna.
Christina: She asks Donna if she’s Tina Turner and tells Tessanne she didn’t even know she had that range. She’d go with Tessanne.
Cee Lo: As far as the control and poise of Tessanne, it’s more attractive to him, yet he can’t deny the raw power of Donna. He’d go with Tess.
Adam: Tina Turner is one of the best singers who’s graced this earth, and Cee Lo agrees Donna is cut from the same cloth. Tessanne makes it all seem so effortless.
Winner: Tessanne (who rightfully thanks Donna for making her a better singer.)

Battle: Brianna Cuoco, 24, Los Angeles, vs Jacquie Lee. 16, Colts Neck, NJ. Team Christina and Ed Sheeran. Christina feels this song is appropriate and likes the experimentation of the female voices. She wants Brianna to get more bluesy with it, and Ed advises Jacquie to go her own way with it. She additionally has to watch her timidness.

Song: House of the Rising Sun

Me: Both of them rise up to the standards of the other, just like the last battle with Donna and Tessane.
Cee Lo: Brianna’s voice compliments the grittiness of the song, but Jacquie brought a youthful spin to it. He’d normally go with Brianna, but Jacquie did a great job.
Adam: First he thought Brianna, then Jacquie, but doesn’t know who he’d eventually choose.
Blake: Jacquie has incredible control for a 16-year-old, and Brianna brought all the same performance and captured what is meant to happen, so he’d go with her.
Christina: They both won the battle and did the homework to dig deep. She’s torn.
Winner: Jacquie
Steal: Cee Lo steals her before Carson Daly even starts talking, then Blake hits his button as well. She goes with Blake, somewhat inexplicably.

I’m surprised there were still three steals throughout. Blake is done for the rest of the Battle Round. He’s used up his two spots. I wish Brianna had gone with Cee Lo though. When it’s that obvious that someone has that much faith in you, you have to choose them. I think Brianna is just going to get lost on Blake’s team. It’s not always about winning.