The Amazing Race, Oct. 20 – “I’ll Tell You Where You Can Stick Your Express Pass”

We know it has to be time for a non-elimination. We’re several legs into The Amazing Race and haven’t had one yet. It’s with that that we watch the clock tick later and later through the hour without the teams even beginning to hit the elimination mat. And that’s even an hour after the show actually starts, not when it is supposed to start, since it happens ten minutes or so late because of football.

Departing from: Lisbon, Portugal

First Clue: Teams will need to travel by plane and ferry into Norway and the Arctic Circle. There they will find there next clue at the Ferry Terminal.


Nicole and Travis: Married ER physicians from Atlanta. Time of departure: 11:08 PM. They head straight to a travel agency to find an early flight to Norway. She’s from Brooklyn and is used to everything being about hustling, and she thinks that works along with the Race as well as the rest of her life. He is finding her toughness a very nice surprise. They get a flight that lands in Oslo at 8:55 AM. Every team will make the flight, so they have no advantage.

Jason and Amy:Dating and from New England. Time of departure: 11:14 PM. They’ve been working with Nicole and Travis the past few legs, and are getting inspired by them. She feels like she’s found a little family in them.

Nicky and Kim: Major League Baseball wives from the Midwest.

Tim and Danny: Oil plant workers from Cordell, Oklahoma.

Brandon and Adam: Childhood friends from Chico, California.

Leo and Jamal: Cousins from Southern California.

Ally and Ashley: NHL ice crew teammates from Long Beach, California.

Tim and Marie: Exes from Morristown, NJ.

All teams catch the same flight as well as the same ferry to Svolvaer, Norway.

Second Clue: Detour: Hang Your Heads or Hammer of the Cods. In Hang Your Heads, teams will need to string together six bundles of ten fish heads apiece, then transport them to enormous drying racks to hang them out to dry. In Hammer of the Cods, teams will collect fifteen pairs of cod from thirty-foot high drying racks, then pound them with a giant hammer to make one kilo of fish jerky without the bones. Order of Arrival: Jason and Amy, Brandon and Adam, Nicole and Travis, Tim and Marie, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Nicky and Kim, Tim and Danny

Hang Your Heads: Order of Arrival: Tim and Marie, Jason and Amy, Brandon and Adam, Nicole and Travis, Leo and Jamal, Ally and Ashley

Hammer of the Cods: Tim and Danny, Nicky and Kim

The teams have trouble catching taxis, then realize why. It’s 11:00 PM in the Arctic Circle, despite the sun shining very brightly still. Brandon and Adam decide just to jog. Leo and and Jamal, Ally and Ashley, Tim and Danny, and Nicky and Kim decide to jog as well. Tim and Danny catch a cab partially through the jog.

Leo and Jamal are slowed on their walk from fish stringing to the fish hanging, as they have a flat tire on their wheelbarrow.

Marie makes the mistake of telling Tim to string the fish on a pole that isn’t specially marked for the Race. They are told it’s wrong, but the judge won’t verify why. Jason and Amy finish before them and refuse to say why. So much for family. Tim starts restringing their fish, trying to figure out where they went wrong. Marie asks Brandon and Adam as well and uses the Express Pass as leverage, but they know that she has already used that to get help from other teams at different points during the Race. Tim and Marie are told for a second time it’s wrong. Amy stops Nicole and Travis and tells them which poles to use. Marie sees Nicole and Travis using a marked pole and figure it out.

Order of Finish: Jason and Amy, Brandon and Adam, Nicole and Travis, Tim and Marie, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Tim and Danny, Nicky and Kim

Third Clue: Teams need to take a speedboat ride to Henningsvaer, Norway to find their next clue.

Fourth Clue: Roadblock:Order of Arrival: Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Tim and Danny, and Nicky and Kim. One person from each team will jump off a bridge on an eighty-foot rope, then swim through the frigid Arctic to pick up their next clue. Participating: Brandon, Jason, Tim, Nicole, Ashley, Leo, Tim, and Nicky.

Order of Finish: Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Tim and Danny, and Nicky and Kim.

Fifth Clue: The teams will make their way back to shore and use a Ford Ranger to set up their next challenge, to hook up the truck to a huge boulder and pull it forward to reveal their next clue and satchel of coins that they will need later in the Race. Order of Arrival: Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Tim and Danny.

Order of Finish: Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, Leo and Jamal, Tim and Danny, Ally and Ashley,

Sixth Clue: Teams will now need to drive themselves in the Ford Rangers to the Viking Longhouse, the Pit Stop for this leg of the Race. The winners of this leg will receive $5000 each.

Tim and Marie drive off without the Viking Longhouse clue, with her believing that the coins are the clue. He is telling her there was nothing else underneath the boulder. Nicole and Travis see that Tim and Marie are lost and don’t know where to go. They drive up and offer to tell them … for the other Express Pass. Nicole feels they earned it anyway, but lost it because of their stupid mistake. She tells Marie that either she gives them the Pass, or they will drive off without telling them where the Pit Stop is.

Pit Stop: Order of Arrival: Brandon and Adam,

They are still racing and receive their next clue. The show ends here before any of the other teams arrive at the Pit Stop. It’s not a “non-elimination leg,” but is a week where no one is eliminated. They were due. Additionally they ended with the drama of Tim and Marie and their Express Pass. She has been using it as leverage the entire race. Now she will be forced to put up or shut up. She likes to be in control, but this time will have to lose the control of that Pass if they are to continue. Although I do have to wonder why they wouldn’t just get behind Nicole and Travis and follow them.

Express Pass: Tim and Marie know they will not give their express pass to the Afghanimals, because they’re jerks, or the Ice Girls, as they might as well give it to the Afghanimals because they are right in their backpacks. They have considered giving it to Nicole and Travis because they actually came in first but didn’t because of the penalty, but it would be too much of a challenge to have them around at the end, but now are forced to consider it to get the clue to the Pit Stop. Neither pass gets used on this leg and both are still in play.

Teams to Get Lost: None.

Sound Bites: Jamal: Leo and I don’t really fish. The closest I get to the water is a shower.

Ally: I just kicked a fish head.

Adam: Make these beards fly, Buddy.

Next Week: Marie will decide whether or not to hand over the Express Pass, and a Double U-Turn will be in play.