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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 3 – Quit Copying Me!

Slurping Turtle and Bret leave – is anyone other than their families going to miss them this season? We shall see what happens on LCK – but so far, only Pink’s departure is anything that provided remote excitement.

Quickfire Hits
• Was certain Louis was getting the boot at some point after he chatted with his kid on the speaker phone. Also…did I miss the mobile phone product placement? That’s very unlike Top Chef.
• Chung speaks so quickly, I thought she said she won a “Joffrey Card” – which in Westeros could mean losing your head. She actually said “Get Out Of Jail Free Card” – which in Westeros could also mean losing your head.
• Carrie on the difficulties of the Elim challenge – “I have a hard time making things I create over and over again taste the same.”
• Chung freaked out – “WHO TOOK MY YELLOW BEATS!!” It was surely no pea puree scandal, but it was fun to watch.
• I would have LOVED for Tom, Emeril, etc. to take Monobrow up on his offer to throw down and do the challenge themselves. Loved. It.
• This has always bothered me – when the bottom crew returns to the Stew Room from Judges Table, they always have to explain that they don’t know the verdict yet. Why do they have to explain this? When in the show have they ever called them in, and decided on the spot? Or are the three of them called back and forth several times during the process and we only see it spliced together? Please, some Top Chef insider who reads this inform me!
• Extra – Emeril talking about how he interviewed for the job. Imagine. Interviewing Emeril for a job.

Next week – Vietnamese cuisine. Travis makes his presence finally known…by angering the guest chef. And Padma wants to be smacked in the face.

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