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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 3 – Quit Copying Me!

Shrimp Team
Bene – His sauce works, according to Tom.
Big Easy Mike – Presentation works, but it’s overcooked.
Travis – Sauce is not thick enough.
Nina – Emeril likes the taste, but bad presentation. Monobrow finds it impeccable.
None are bad, none knock it out of the park (it seems at the time), but combined they probably have a perfect dish.

Trout Team
Bad sign…Tom says they are all underseasoned.
Booth – Monobrow likes it the most of them all.
Nick – It is light and dark on alternate sides. Zuul finds it bland.
Louis – Overcooked and Emeril finds no taste.
Carlos – Lally said no seasoning. Tom said the skillet was too hot in prep.
Tom thinks they all were paranoid to get it right, and as a result, they all got it wrong.

Veal Team
Huskey – He’s got raw sprouts.
Vega – She finally gets something right – good presentation and nicely cooked.
Chung – Too well done.
Bret – Closest to appearance, but no sear and super messy.

Strawberry Team
Sara – It’s a bit greasy, and the biscuit is obliterated on the plate.
Carrie – Her biscuit and cocktail are great.
Justin – All perfectly cooked. Lally says “that boy has made beignet before”
Cmar – Great cocktail. Monobrow thinks her biscuit was better than the original.
Tom is amazed. Dessert was the best course of the night.

Judges Flatscreen
Cmar is nervous. She need not be. Justin, Cmar, Nina and Big Easy Mike all praise. The veal and trout teams get hit hard.

Cmar, Justin and Nina are the Top Three. Justin earns the win.

Louis, Carlos and Bret all get the bottom. Louis explains the spice problem. Tom is amazed they all agreed to this, and stunned Louis never tasted. Bret does a mea culpa and got slammed for not being aggressive with the grill. It is blandness vs. overdone food vs. overall sloppiness. The overall problems are too much and Bret is gone. I expected Louis, but looking back, the amount of Bret we saw this episode should have clued me in.