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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 3 – Quit Copying Me!

There is seriously dramatic plating going on for this one. I mean, more so than usual.

Nick Quail Egg and scallops.

Nina The world’s smallest scotched egg.

Carrie – Essentially, it’s egg salad.

Chung A rice congee, and the non-yolky egg.

Sara Tuna smoked with chili vinaigrette.

Big Easy Michael Smoked Oysters.

Booth Smoked Pork Loin. Emeril feels the heat. Pushing him to the side.

Louis Smoked Trout. Zuul can’t find the smoke.

Bene Tuna and bacon. It’s sweet.

Huskey – Scallop and bacon

Travis – (Who?) – Pho broth and scallop

Carlos Bacon and Halibut. Super colorful.

Cmar Bacon pasta. It’s a bit daring.

Vega Kale salad. C’mon!

Justin Steamed kale.

Slurping Turtle Fried kale. And, oooh, it’s salty.

Bret Kale two ways. The salad. Sigh. And juice. Kale juice. Check please.

Really, is it fair to have kale dishes compete with bacon and eggs?

On the top – Nina, Chung and Cmar. Egg, egg, and bacon. I expected a Cmar win since Zuul couldn’t get enough of it, but instead immunity goes to Chung.

On the bottom – Bret, Slurping Turtle and Louis. Kale, kale and smoke. See. Not fair. I thought Bret was dead for the kale salad, but instead Slurping Turtle’s salting issue did him in.

Elimination Challenge – Recreating dishes. Dining and judging are Padma, Tom, Emeril, Zuul, Commander’s Exec Chef Tory McPhail, Monobrow, former Commander chef Paul Prudhomme, and proprietors Lally Brennan and TJ Martin.

They must make the following dishes – Shrimp and Taso Henican, Black Skillet Seared Trout, Veal Chop Something Really Greek, and a Strawberry trio. They are grouped based on their tables at the tasting – each gets a dish. Each chef must make the dish.

A key moment in the prep – the shrimp team elects to split up the prep duties – one gets the potatoes, another the veggies, another the protein and another the spices. Louis is tasked with the spices. He does not do it correctly. That’s the risk here – if you split up the prep, all of the dishes are married to that prep. If one did the prep badly, all of the dishes will suffer.

Cmar is struggling with her confidence. She is making a biscuit from scratch and is not all that experienced in doing so. Bret decides to wait to put his veal on the grill after he gets there and finds all of the other Veal People have filled the grill. His choice will be a big mistake. Nina and Big Easy Mike have an issue when she accidentally started using his plates, and he responded by dumping okra. Dumping Okra should totally be a folk band.