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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 5 – So Much For My Happy Ending

It is hard to handicap what happens next if we have a shuffling coming along. So it is impossible to know who is on the up side or the down side in power. It appears that the Fave Five is in the best shape – but who knows.

Treemail Top 10

1 – Post TC, we learn that Caleb in fact did the Culpy Coup on the fly. The other four had no idea what was going on. Hayden knows his position has gotten worse, and Vytas decides to set out on a suck up mission. One thing is for certain – no one trusts Caleb anymore. If he turned once, he can turn again.

2 – What the hell was that giant centipede doing and who was it heading for?!?!

3 – Poor Mrs. Rupert – nobody wants to share her blankets.

4 – I still think that Monica should not be burning these clues. Either take them back and share with the alliance or full tribe, or even better, hand it back to Dr. Cody.

5 – Was Hayden wearing his buff as a halter top? Or did I imagine that. And if I did imagine that…why did I imagine that?

6 – Two big awkward moments – Vytas bumbling through his sucking up to Caleb on the boat, and Mrs. Rupert trying to cast aspersions on Samoa Laura and Monica. I like both of them, but that was not All-Star Survivor quality there.

7 – Caleb – “I could swing with the girls, I could swing with the guys…it’s good to be the swing vote.” First of all, I think you are swinging only one way, and it ain’t with the ladies. Secondly, it is NOT good to be the swing vote. The swing vote often goes home because they are the swing vote!

8 – I call BS on Tina saying that five days on this season has been tougher than all of Australia. You guys almost starved during that season and had your camp washed away by a flood. It was also the longest season on record – 42 days. Five days doing yoga with Aras and Co. is not tougher.

9 – Also, Samoa Laura claimed that Mrs. Rupert was the only one of the tribe not to feel the sting of being voted out – so she can’t understand as much as them. Clearly, she did not do much bonding during her massage of Aras because…well…he won Exile Island. No torch snuffing. Just saying.

10 – Lastly, it was good to see one thing this week…Kitten’s pink hoodie is back. Next to Kim’s game play and Cha’s…assets…that hoodie was the best part of One World.

Votes – – Samoa Laura 7 (Aras, Tyson, Monica, Gervase, Tina, Kitten, Mrs. Rupert), Mrs. Rupert 1 (Samoa Laura)

Next week – Shuffling at RI. And a potential Gervase/Tyson insurrection builds.

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