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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 5 – So Much For My Happy Ending

Perhaps Aras didn’t think the whole thing through – if Samoa Laura survives, she could easily join with her daughter and the Family to give them another number going into the merge. If they start a winning streak, that could come back to bite Aras. Also, perhaps bringing Culpy into the Fave Five would not be damaging – just have a 4-2 vote at the Final Six to take him out.

It seems to me that Aras over thought this. There is a reason that he won Exile Island – he has great social skills, but the brains of that operation was Cirie. I am wondering if we are going to see Aras follow in the footsteps of JT and stumble in his second go-around without his brain around. In any event, losing Samoa Laura (assuming she is on her way, who knows if she survives RI) is no big loss. Has any two-time player been more non-descript in their two tries?

Next week implies that we get a shakeup. It will be curious to see how. Total shuffle? Family reunifications? Mutiny? It could really make a mess of things. Perfect.

Truel – The Codys vs. Culpy. He claims he isn’t a jerk. Ok. All of the Faves touch Monica to show support and seriously cheer him on during the challenge. Gervase and Kitten even shout hints. Candice and Monica have a little back and forth – seriously, Candice 3.0 is great. I wish we had her in Cook Islands and HvV. The challenge is to take apart a crate and use the planks to form a bridge to nowhere. After constructing it, cross it and take it apart in order to use the other side of the planks to form a puzzle. Twelve planks have designs on the back, eight of them form the puzzle.

Candice gets out to huge lead, but seems to run out of gas. John is steady and builds his bridge one at a time. Culpy takes all the pieces off at once, so he gets off slowly but catches up eventually. John aces another puzzle to win and watches as Candice and Culpy battle. This is what she wanted – but be careful what you wish for, Candice. After appearing to be only one tile short for a long time, Candice gets edged out by Culpy. She’s gone.
Interestingly, the Faves have dominated this season so far – losing only the one challenge – but are down 8-7 in original members. The Family voted out Marissa and Rachel – who each lost on RI. Mrs. Rupert was saved by her husband, and Dr. Cody and Culpy are on RI. So the Tadhana Five, Mrs. Rupert and the RI folks add up to eight. The Faves lost Rupert and Candice on RI and had Colton quit. They are down to their current seven members – six on the tribe and Samoa Laura on RI.

Challenge – Giant vertical slip and slide, followed by a ring toss. Tribes go head to head – the first with five rings tossed successfully wins. Reward is a steak and veggie dinner, with a wok to cook with or fishing gear.

• Gervase vs. Caleb – On the first toss, Caleb nails the lower rung and takes a 1-0 lead.
• Tyson vs. Hayden – Tyson earns the win and a 1-1 tie despite the injury.
• Kitten vs. Katie – Tina’s daughter gets a butt blur but doesn’t slow down to give the Family a 2-1 lead.
• Aras vs. Vytas – Rematch! Vytas smokes him in a bout 15 seconds. 3-1 Family.
• Tina vs. Ciera – Seriously, has Ciera won anything this season? 3-2 Family.
• Tyson vs. Caleb – For the second time, Caleb hits his lower rung and gives a match point
• Gervase vs. Hayden – For the first time, Hayden proves his worth in sealing the deal and a 5-2 victory for the Family.

They chose the steak and at first I was baffled – really? You don’t want to feed yourselves longterm? But then I remembered Culpy fishing with the Hawaiian sling early in the season. And Caleb and Vytas bonding on the boat in this episode. They must already have some gear. Why not go for the treat after 12 days of torture?