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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 2 – Tyler Florence May Be Calling His Lawyer

Bret is shocked, shocked they are on the bottom because they still had ingredients left – so they shopped better, right? Um. No. It means the others sold seconds. Nick’s peas were too crunchy and the watermelon was lost in the dish. Bret needs to be told ceviche must be cold. (Whoa, that was a cool rhyme there, right?) Pink is stoic as he gets hit on the pre-rolling and the front of the truck decision. Vega made nothing special. Sigh.

I said Vega, but the judges say Pink. See ya!

Quickfire hits
• Love seeing the cooking connections – Slurping Turtle is a disciple of Master’s Season 4 Chef Takashi. I wonder if he gave many tips.
• Padma upon eating prawns – “You want me to put the whole head in my mouth?”
• Double heart attack. As Sara served Padma her Quickfire, we got a full shot of gumbo and cleavage on the screen. Don’t believe me? Pause the playback. I know I did.
• Loved the Queen’s justification of starting over – “The Pope quit.” But she couldn’t.
• Not sure if the one lonely crawfish swimming in the pool is a really good idea, chefs.
• Extra scene – Booth is pretty good with her hands.

Next week – An Elimination Quickfire and a lot of plating drama.

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