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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 2 – Tyler Florence May Be Calling His Lawyer

On the Bottom – Pink and his borscht, Michael and his midnight six-pack and Vega. Because that’s where she always is. On the top, Slurping Turtle’s tasty and crunchy dish, Chang’s good pork belly and Carrie’s gumbo which reminded the Queen of her Holy Thursday Gumbo. Carrie earns the win.

Elimination Challenge – Habitat. Food trucks. Susan Spicer is the guest judge. Justin is swooning. Chung owns a truck, but no license. Good use of finances.

The teams:
Yellow Truck – Huskey, Carlos, Travis (who?), Slurping Turtle, Carrie. They are making tacos.
Blue Truck – Pink, Vega, Nick, Bret. Surfs up, dudes.
Green Truck – Louis, Sara, Chung, Cmar. They have a Mediterranean theme.
Red Truck – Justin, Michael, Bene, Booth and Nina. They eventually go with Miami, even though Bene’s sloppy joe idea was really tempting. Sigh.

Yellow Team
Travis/Huskey Ceviche. Spicer likes the icy cold refreshing taste. Or she just had a 7-Up.

Carrie/Slurping Turtle Empanadas. Padma loved the crispy and flaky crust.

Carlos/Slurping Turtle Tacos. Positive response.

Blue Team
Pink Salmon roll. Gail’s is falling apart, and Tom can’t fathom why they were pre-rolled.

Nick Spiced shrimp. Gail felt the broth was tasty.

Bret Coconut Ceviche. Gail can’t understand why steaming hot plantains were served on a cold ceviche.

Vega Tuna slider. Gail found it hard to eat, and Tom hated the out-of-season tomato.

Red Team
Booth Gazpacho. Gail found lots of ginger flavor and Tom felt it was nice.

Justin Lobster and crab fritters. I listened twice, and couldn’t understand what Tom said. It sounded like fun cake.

Nina/Bene Jerk Chicken Sandwich. Yummy sounds.

Michael – Ricotta and burnt honey. Gail liked the shreds of coconut.

Green Team
Cmar Crispy chicken. Padma liked it, Spicer found its lightness interesting.

Sara Tuna Burger. Padma wanted a bit more salt. At least it was better than Vega’s.

Chung Lamb Salad. Spicer liked the flavors, especially the mint.

Louis Watermelon sticks. And he helped everyone. Lucky for him things were good – as he didn’t actually cook anything.

Yellow, Green and Red must have all been very good, as Red got good comments but wound up in the bottom with the Blue team. It was pretty clear that Blue was the worst. The judges video plays, and I still kind of hate this feature. No more dramatic Padma entrances to call for chefs. No more unexpected order shifts. Now just a video screen. Yellow earns the win. Carrie the individual win. And the rest of Yellow and Green get to move on. Red team also moves on, even though the team was visibly upset they were in the Bottom Two. Blue is doomed.