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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 4 – “What just happened?”

In review, Caleb’s move was bold and necessary. It just wasn’t working for the Family under Culpy’s leadership. Even with his strength, they were still losing. Maybe without him, the energy can improve and they’ll rebound. For us, it was awesome to watch. Cody Island should be pretty interesting next week with Culpy over there. And I am really looking forward to Monica’s reaction.

Amazing – the RI twist works so well this season that I forgot about my problems with the whole concept. Having both tribes there, with the added element of seeing if their loved one survived has done wonders for RI. This season it has gotten personal. Candice has never been a Survivor that showed much fire before, and has not been one I have considered easy to root for at all. And then she enters RI Arena with full on bird flipping and smack talk for Culpy and Mrs. Culpy. She called him a child. She said he’s been bullying the women and wouldn’t shush a man like John “big enough to beat his ass.” Although, personally, I’d bet on Culpy in that fight. Just saying. She said that if you “cut my baby, I cut you.” Damn, Candice! Between this display and the gorgeous shot of her underwater fishing, I am coming around to Team Cody. Maybe married life has made her a lot more interesting.
Regardless, the Codys win the challenge and Marissa is gone – she heads to sequester to join Rupert, Colton and Rachel. John gives the clue to Monica to put her in the same position he was in – but Monica and Culpy decide to burn the clue. Um, better choice…open it in front of the whole tribe and find the idol together. At least you’d have an idol. And one more thing – why is no one searching for the darn things? After Russell, Malcolm, etc. found idols with no clues in recent seasons, why not just start turning over rocks? Did the show get better at hiding them this season?

So far, all of the action has been with the Family Tribe because they keep losing. This is good for viewers because we know the Faves – we are now getting to know the newbies a lot more (save for Laura, who is still over with the Faves). The Faves have not produced much in the way of drama – we have a five-person alliance in charge, but nothing has really been happening. The Lauras and Kat are on the minority side, but there have been no consequences to this as of yet. The most drama came from comedy this week – Gervase and Tyson stealing coconuts. Not only is that great, but their cover-up was so ridiculous – crabs have been puncturing holes in the coconuts and eating them. Tyson even told Monica this happened on Samoa. Monica was on Samoa!

The challenge was a regular boat, crates, stacking, puzzle challenge. The Family once again crushed the Faves with rowing skills, but tipped over their boat after gathering the heavy crates. They were just barely behind after the stacking but Ciera/Vytas got smoked on the puzzle by Ciera’s mommy and Tyson. Another challenge, another loss.

What will happen from this point on? Who knows. The Family is down to five people, with eight on the Faves side. Three are at RI. Unless they start winning challenges, the Family will get obliterated before the merge. Let’s guess the merge will be after the tribes are down to a combined 11 people. That’s two weeks of voting. It is possible that only three Family members make the merge (plus maybe a 4th from RI). They had better be hopeful that they can flip their family members over. Let’s speculate.

Aras, Tina, Kat, and Laura M all have family members alive. Monica’s is on RI with the Cody Couple. Aras and Tina are in a five-person alliance. Not knowing where the vote outs will come from, of course, but in theory this could happen. The Faves could rope Vytas and Katie into their alliance to make a seven-person majority at the merge. On the other hand, Hayden and Ciera could join the Lauras, Kat and the RI winner to make an alliance if things break their way. The question appears what will the family of the five-person Faves alliance do? That could indicate where the end game of the season will formulate.

In the meantime, it’s been tons of fun!

Treemail Top 10
1 – More great Candice – her gasp at John’s RI arrival and her “scolding” of him, “I knew you were going to be too trusting of people.”
2 – Truel was the ole move something along a rope challenge to lead to a complicated puzzle. The two doctors aced it – even with Gervase trying to help Marissa. She was in a lot of trouble once the puzzle was revealed – I’ll assume most doctors are pretty good with these types of challenges.
3 – Interesting animal transitions before the unveiling of Cody Island – pairs of bugs on a leaf, snails coupling up. Nice.
4 – Monica defending Culpy and his behavior. I get that. However, I wonder what she thinks seeing this play back. Gervase was right – you don’t know Survivor Brad. The show persona is often very different from the real person.
5 – Also, did I see correctly? Does Gervase have a Pagong tattoo on his arm? Way to show pride in one of the worst tribes in Survivor history.
6 – Nice move by Tyson to play up his shoulder injury. It’s a fine line to walk, of course, but if it can help him rest a bit now, it is worth doing.
7 – Nice to see Tye Dye Laura contributing. She and Monica essentially dominated the diving part of the challenge, while Culpy did most of the work for the Family. TD Laura needs to give good reason why she isn’t first to go if and when they ever lose a challenge.
8 – Hayden – “We lost to a one-armed dude and three moms.” HA! Imagine how bad it would have been if Tina was not sitting out. Four moms!
9 – Coconut Bandits would be the great name for a reggae band or a wacky new Ben Stiller comedy.
10 – Loved Vytas’ reaction when Caleb dropped his bomb – “You really doing this?” It was kind of a combination of admiriation and annoyance because now he had to make a decision. Great Tribal Council. They are rarely decided this way where actions that took place in the council – without involvement of idol play – changed the outcome of the vote. This was one of them. I like the remaining group of Family members, and I am kind of hoping we can start slicing away some of the Faves tribe soon.

Votes – Culpy 3 (Caleb, Ciera, Katie), Ciera 3 (Culpy, Hayden, Vytas)

Re-vote – Culpy 3 (Caleb, Katie, Vytas), Ciera 1 (Hayden)

Next week – Caleb gets cocky. Monica implies that she may switch with Culpy.
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