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The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Oct. 6 – The Reunion, Part 1

This season of the Real Housewives of New Jersey ended in peace and harmony, although throughout the reunion it still didn’t seem as if the issues between Joe and Teresa have been solved yet. With the continuous bickering and cheap digs you could still feel the tension and annoyance from the other housewives.

The reunion show touches lightly on the thirty-nine counts of federal fraud that Teresa and her husband Joe face, with the housewives admitting to being shocked when they first heard about the charges. All the ladies wish Joe and Teresa well in their court hearing.

Later on in the show Teresa brings up that she heard Melissa has done a deal with Radar online – claiming Melissa will sell them stories about Teresa if they don’t write anything bad about her in return. Melissa obviously denies these claims and is offended that Teresa would even suggest that she would do something like this. It’s all love in this family …

Teresa and Jacqueline are seen glancing at each other and having a giggle; they say their friendship is back on track and they are really enjoying each other’s company again. Who would have thought that these two could reunite with all the things they have been through?

We also get to see Joe Gorgas new haircut! No more black hairspray; he is now completely bald! He actually looks great and the look suits him well. I hope he won’t be wearing those stupid hats or beanies anymore that used to cover up his thinning hair.

All the housewives always seem to be in some sort of twitter debate – who tweeted what about who and you said this comment to me on twitter. Caroline also suggests that Melissa is complicating things between Teresa and her brother Joe. I have to agree with this one; it seems the two get along much better when Melissa is out of the picture!

The reunion also shows unseen footage of the hilarious duo that is Rosie and Joe Giudice. These two are so funny when they are together; it is such a strange friendship but I want to see more!

The show ends with Caroline confronting Teresa about something she wrote in her blog – Teresa said that during the trip to Arizona her and Al were fighting the whole time. Teresa admits she made it up because Caroline put her down in one of the episodes. It seems it is always tit for tat with Melissa and Teresa, and they really should think about other people and not just themselves.

Part two of the reunion is on next week, and it seems they delve deeper into the jail time Teresa and Joe face. Will you be watching?