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The Voice, Oct. 1 – Why the Cee Lo Disrespect?

I brought this up after last night’s show, and I’m going to keep bringing it up. Why the Cee Lo Green disrespect? Even when he is clearly the most suited for a contestant, they push him aside to go with another coach. It seems they’re more concerned about winning than developing as an artist.

Auditioner: Will Champlin, 30, Reseda, CA. Carson Daly checks in on him while he’s jamming with his dad. That’s not just any dad; it’s Bill Champlin, former singer and guitarist for the band Chicago. That inspired Will to begin a life as a musician as well. The senior Champlin sees visibility as being integral to a music career. Will wants to provide for his wife and daughter in a bigger way and wants to make it on his own without his dad.

Song: Not Over You
Chairs Turned: Blake, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: You can hear a little bit of the Chicago influence in Will, and actually his voice would fit in well as a lead in the group.
Adam: He can’t think of anything that wasn’t spectacular about the performance.
Cee Lo: He admires an artist with a plan of their own.
Blake: It was powerful singing with a lot of passion, great pocket, great pitch, and a cool look.
Christina: She decided to let the guys duke it out.
Coach: Adam

Auditioner: Macey Estes, 18, Greenwood, IN. She had music around her her whole life, but was always shy, so she’d only sing and dance in her room. Her sister was in show choir, so Macey joined that as well, but always loved hip-hop, pop, and rapping. It’s another side that’s dying to come out of her. Her parents are supportive in her decision to not go to college yet.

Song: The Way
Chairs Turned: None

Me: I disagree that the hip-hop and rap is who she is. I think she’s still so young that she still needs to find out who she really is. She needs to grow a little bit more.
Adam: He knew she was young, but also feels she has potential, leaving him not comfortable enough to move forward.
Christina: There was one note she wanted Macey to hit, and she didn’t. Frankly, I don’t think anyone other than Christina could hit it.
Cee Lo: He asks to hear her rap, and the other judges say it was good, but they can now, as they’ve already rejected her.
Blake: He agrees that the one thing he wanted to hear her do was what Christina did moments before.

Auditioner: Stephanie Anne Johnson, 29, Tacoma, WA. She was always singing in the house. Her grandmother played blues on weekdays and gospel on Sunday, and in high school and college she studied classical voice. What she loves about it is the freedom it gives her. She worked in a daycare initially out of college, then moved to singing on a cruise ship out of Alaska. She loves that The Voice is about her voice more than about her looks.

Song: Black Horse and the Cherry Tree
Chairs Turned: Christina, Cee Lo

Me: She definitely has some of her grandmother’s blues/soul in her.
Adam: He could feel the attitude all the way through the chairs; it slapped him in the face.
Cee Lo: He heard soul and conviction, “and it’s like church, if you will.” He saw Vicki Martinez in her, and she coincidentally went to school with her.
Christina She was taken by the energy and it just moved her.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Sam Cerniglia, 25, Chicago. Currently he works for Groupon, but he also has his own band. His family is amazing and supports him. Both of his sisters have serious diseases. His family is in Michigan, and he’s far away from them in Chicago. His dad and one sister are there at the auditions with him, and his mom and other sister are back in Michigan, but send a videotaped message.

Song: It’s a Beautiful Day
Chairs Turned: Blake, Cee Lo

Me: It starts out a little rough, but he gets over those nerves and nails it at the end.
Blake: He loves Sam’s sound and hears a lot of range but really loves his style. It took him to a Michael Bublé concert.
Cee Lo: It was very mature and sophisticated, like he was singing with his hand in his pocket.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: Jennifer Newberry, 32, Seattle, but originally from Sweden. Her dad was an exchange student from the U.S. who fell in love with her mom when overseas in Sweden. After a divorce, she stayed with her mom in Sweden but connected to America through music so moved here at 21. She is doing this for her family that has been there for her her whole life. The Swedish side of her family sends a videotaped message.

Song: Locked Out of Heaven
Chairs Turned: None

Me: This seems like the wrong song for her. There’s something that just doesn’t match up right.
Cee Lo: He loves the breathiness in her voice.
Adam: He heard some things pitch-wise, but knows there isn’t anyone in the room who wouldn’t agree that she has a good voice.
Blake: He wants to pick people with a good grasp of what they’re good at and thinks she might be more suited to a different genre of music.
Christina: She loves what Bruno Mars does and thinks Jennifer stuck too much to his version of the song.

Auditioner: James Irwin, 31, St. Louis. He tried out last year but didn’t get any chairs to turn. He didn’t feel he gave them the best version of himself. Shakira mentioned having second and third chances, and that stuck with him. His twin babies had died shortly after being born the year before. Now he and his wife have another healthy baby, and they’re here to support him.

Song: Losing My Religion
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: His determination is evident in his audition. He took his past failure and seems to be using it as the impetus for this.
Adam: He was so drawn in right away but still thinks there are a few things that need some work.
Christina: She doesn’t agree completely, as it’s all in the delivery, and he had a very soft opening that captivated them.
Cee Lo: What he likes about bands like R.E.M. is the constant quality, and he gives James kudos for seeing that as well and choosing that song.
Blake: Whatever he did in the past year, whether in his heart, head or voice, he’s ready to win this thing now.
Coach: Adam

Auditioner: Olivia Henken, 25, Louisville, KY. The first time she sang for a crowd she was just 4 years old, and she’s been trying to get recognized in the business as far as she can remember. She’s entered over one hundred contests in that time. Her family is very supportive, with her mom as her “momager” and her dad her roadie, and her grandparents in the audience.

Song: Two Black Cadillacs
Chairs Turned: Christina, Cee Lo

Me: She’s not only gorgeous, she has a great voice as well. She’d be a terrific recording artist.
Christina: She was struck by her voice; something in it totally connected with her. She’s glad Blake the country artist didn’t hit his button
Cee Lo: He doesn’t want her to be complacent being country and wants to put her in other positions … professional positions.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Jason Kertson, 16, Seattle. When he was 7 he got in trouble at school and was grounded for three weeks. He used that time to have his dad teach him to play guitar and realized through that he loved to sing as well. He experimented when he was bored, playing two guitars at once, and put it up on YouTube and got a lot of interest through that.

Song: Lips of an Angel
Chairs Turned: None

Me: This is one where a blind audition is going to hurt him. If they would see how he looked, they’d be choosing him. But they can’t see how cute he is and can’t see how young he is either.
Adam: He started off out of control vocally, but at 16 he’s still working on it. He thinks he just needs to go back to the drawing board and keep working on it.
Blake: It was powerful singing at the beginning, but he didn’t give them a good enough reason to go beyond that.
Cee Lo: He thinks all of the judges are looking for something to blow them away.
Christina: She knew he was a cutie pie the way the girls in the audience were acting. She can’t believe he’s that great with maturity and tone at just 16.

Auditioner: R. Anthony, 33, Tampa. He has two brothers and three sisters, and he was the quiet kid of all of them. He didn’t feel he fit in. He moved to Tampa to go to college and moved in with his brother, and when his friend moved down as well, they became a gospel trio. Then he got married and his wife got pregnant, and he knew he had to close down shop and focus on his family. He works in customer service, but now feels it’s time to get back out there.

Song: Hall of Fame
Chairs Turned: Christina, Cee Lo

Me: His chorus hits it completely. And after he hits the stride there, he holds it throughout.
Cee Lo: His gospel upbringing must be the compelling quality in his voice. He waited until the end to hit his button because he wanted to experience it.
Christina: She believes in him and loves his soul and runs.
Coach: Cee Lo

Auditioner: Justin Chain, 23, Fort Payne, AL. He grew up with his parents singing all the time, and it rubbed off on him. He’d sing at talent shows and had a little band. Recording a demo was too much money for him, so he stuck to sports. He was in a bad motorcycle accident head-on and it ended his football career, breaking his back, pelvis, and hip. He decided while he was laid up to do music to inspire people

Song: She’s Country
Chairs Turned: Blake

Me: This guy is one-hundred percent country, just like the woman he’s singing about.
Blake: His pitch is amazing
Christina: She indicates she and the other two didn’t turn their chairs because they knew they couldn’t compete with Blake.
Adam: He jokes that Justin is even more country than Blake is, and actually they have the same shirt on.
Cee Lo: He asks if Justin would have picked Blake no matter who turned their chairs, and he figures he would have unless someone blew him away.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: Ashley Dubose, 23, St. Paul, MN. Music is her childhood dream, and her mom was always making her sing for other people, as she was so proud of her. Ashley works full time now as a programmer analyst and spends the majority of her day on a computer. She’s also a single parent like her mother was. She got pregnant while she was in college and wasn’t able to work on her music, but now wants to focus her time on music and parenting. She feels spread too thin doing that now and working full time as well.

Song: Diamonds
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: She hits the notes well and sounds like she’s already a recording artist.
Adam: Her voice cut like a razor through the whole place, and those are the voices that last long on the show.
Cee Lo: He says Rihanna is accomplished and a great singer, and he feels she met her bar with it. He also admits he has kept in contact with the artists who have been on his team, so being in his team is also becoming a part of his life. He wants to be rooting for her in the front row of the Grammys.
Christina: She was waiting for something to happen, but nothing went wrong. She wants to find someone who has the same goal and passions she has.
Blake: He may seem like an unlikely choice, but winning the show is like a partnership and making somebody the best they can be.
Coach: Adam

I still don’t get why some of these auditioners don’t choose Cee Lo Green. The others all talk about winning the show far too much. But for him, it’s about finding an artist. And he said as much to Ashley. He still keeps in touch with almost all of the people who were on his team. That’s not because he wants to win. That’s because he cares about them and wants them to do well. I do not see why these singers don’t see that.