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Top Chef: New Orleans – Ep 1 – I Am The Swamp Queen

More chefs get introduced.

Travis – Doesn’t say much. I assume he doesn’t make it far.

Carrie – She has short KD Lang kind of hair and she is one of the few women who can REALLY pull off that short hair. This Iowa chick is rather cute. And later on she hysterically runs around the kitchen trying to avoid Tom. And when he corners her, she just cannot look him in the eye. An early fave of mine.

Nina – That old story. Daughter of the liberator of a former British colony, who went on to become the island’s first Prime Minister, makes it good by going on a TV cooking competition. St. Lucia should be proud.

Bret – Does and says nothing this episode other than marvel at how hot Booth is.

Patty Vega – She’s Burke’s protégé. She has made a dish that is unworkable and will be struggling at the challenge.

Ramon – He’s a fighter. Not figuratively. Really. He also has chosen to give his dashi an ice bath. Even I think that’s curious, and I can barely explain what dashi is.

Brian Huskey – He says very little. We’ll have to meet more of him next week.

At the Challenge, they are cooking in the swamp. Just about literally. They also have to construct their own tables and burners. Carlos’ bread has gotten soggy, Vega is starting from scratch, Nina is worried about just how spicy her curry turned out. The judges file in with the guests – Tom, Padma, Emeril and Stone. Hey, Stone. Long time no see. We learn that Padma is the Swamp Queen. She’s the queen of whatever she wants to be. She can be the Queen of Maryland if she wants – my Twitter account is at the bottom of this column, Swamp Queen. DM.

We see these dishes:
Bene Bad Fungus

Nina Tom says immediately how delicious it is.

Booth – She swoons over Stone. Yeah, I can see that. Excuse me while I keep swooning over her. She added bacon to her gator. Smart. Everything is better with bacon.

AaronBad pasta His restaurant is the Slurping Turtle. That may also become his nickname.

Chang She stole her mother-in-law’s recipe for soup. Should be awkward if she doesn’t win.

Carrie Tom gives it a satisfied nod.

Carlos Soggy bread

Michael Fried Gator

Sara She made General Tso’s gator. Interesting. She also made it SPICY! Padma gags – that’s how spicy.

Ramon Icy Dashi

Vega Oh, it’s not good

Pink – Loved he tried to kiss up to Tom, and Tom wanted nothing to do with it. “Are you happy?” “You’ll find out.”

Cmar She’s ready for Emeril this time