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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Ep 3 – “F U Brad Culpepper!!”

In the end, the Codys are reunited on Redemption Island, leading to Marissa having to live a very, very awkward night in the jungle.

Treemail Top 10
1 – Love the Previously on Survivor beginning showing John reading the clue for the idol- “you may stumble over immunity” – which was massive foreshadowing. To be fair to John, on Twitter he implied that he did tell the tribe about the clues and that this was edited out. Perhaps what really happened is that they didn’t believe him when he said he didn’t find it. Hard to blame him for wanting to search alone – if Culpy found it, how much you want to bet he would have pocketed it? Or Vytas? We already know he plays dirty.
2 – Speaking of Twitter and Vytas, he said that the challenge matchups were best two-out-of-three. And that his trickery actually worked, but Aras won the next two falls. It also explains why Katie and Ciera were horrible – they were probably exhausted since they were the only two women playing for the tribe.
3 – Nice cupcake, Tyson. Also, Tyson, glad you didn’t switch with Rachel, because that would have made more than one season of you making horribly flawed, borderline stupid decisions. And we got to see more humanity from you on Survivor than we did in your two previous appearances combined. So much so that I may be on Team Tyson this season. And I never thought that would happen. Ever.
4 – Regarding Colton’s quitting. Probst was clearly implying that he never wanted Colton back in the first place. But producers overruled him. I wonder if Probst was all for Brandon Hantz returning. Because that was equally questionable because of Brandon’s, well, issues. And Probst was very accommodating to Brandon during his outburst against Phillip last season. Really…just how different are these two horribly failed returns of very flawed Survivors?
5 – Bad John Foreshadowing Part 2 – “I love all you guys…I couldn’t have been dropped in a better position.” D’oh!
6 – Serpent in the trees? What, is Mark Burnett STILL making “The Bible?”
7 – I would have loved for the comfort to not be a tarp, hammock, et al, but instead to be a box full of Snuggies.
8 – More Team Tyson goodness. He and Hayden shake hands before their battle in the challenge. Didn’t see anyone else do that. What the heck happened to Tyson this season? Did Coach give him his 3.0 pills on how to play Survivor well after not playing it well twice?
9 – How much of the mother-daughter matchups came down to the child feeling subservient to the mom – even if only on a subconscious level? Katie could probably really overpower her tiny mom. Ciera not so much, but still. I wonder how that dynamic worked out on a psychological level.
10 – Tribal Council – Not much good stuff here either. However, I wondered watching John and Culpy glance at each other if Culpy’s face gave anything away, because John seemed to get a clue right before voting that he was in trouble.

Votes – John 6 (Culpy, Hayden, Caleb, Vytas, Ciera, Katie), Ciera 1 (John)

Next week – Candice becomes awesome.

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