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The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sept. 29 – Salon Farewell

It has been a huge season for The Real Housewives of New Jersey with lots of twists, turns and family feuds. We finally get to see the fights and arguments put to rest … I hope!

This week sees the end of the Pash 2 party; of course Joe Gorga confronts Penny’s husband John about all the negative tweets about his wife Melissa. John tells him he got all the info from his sister Teresa. Joe decides to take on John in a fight, although the cameras seem to drop to the ground so we don’t quite catch it – what would a season finale be without some sort of punch up!

After the fight, Caroline goes bonkers and starts screaming at Kim D and says she is to blame for all of this. Caroline’s kids have to drag her out and tell her to calm down. Jacqueline also has her turn and screams at John and Penny and confronts them about the tweets about her son. What is with all these middle aged people having fights over twitter? Seriously, this is so high school!

Kim D pleads innocence, Teresa pleads innocence and Penny and John plead innocence. So who did the crime if everyone is innocent? Everyone is confused about who Penny and John actually are and why they are getting involved in everyone else’s business.

Later in the show Jacqueline visits Teresa and Teresa confides in her and admits she was hanging around the wrong people and could have done more to defend Melissa instead of going along with the negative things people were saying about her sister in-law. Jacqueline tells Teresa she should open up and tell her brother what she is telling her – after all this is all her brother and Melissa have ever wanted!

BLK Water invites everyone for a tasting of their new flavors. During this event Teresa chats to her brother and tells him what she told Jacqueline; they both cry and embrace each other. Joe also admits his fault in all of it. This actually seems really genuine – they both have admitted fault, and I really hope they can stay on the right track.

It looks like this season finale has everyone back on track. The show ends with a big BBQ at Teresa and Joe’s holiday home at the Jersey Shore. Just when we think it’s going to be all smooth sailing, the show actually ends with the news of Teresa and Joe being accused and indicted on thirty-nine counts. This means they both could face jail time! Wow, I guess we will have to wait and see what happens next season. Will you be watching?