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The Voice, Sept. 24 – Leading Up to An Exciting Battle Round

One thing that sets The Voice apart that I really love is that they don’t play bad auditions. They don’t set anyone up to be made fun of. Everyone who appears in the auditions has a legitimate chance to be on the show, even if they don’t always make it. In many ways that makes it a more enjoyable show to watch.

Auditioner: Jacquie Lee, 16, Colts Neck, NJ. She’s not from a musical family, but they do eat a lot. She started singing at 11 years old and now sings for charities at children’s hospitals and also plays sports.

Song: Back to Black
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina

Me: She is one-hundred percent fantabulous. I can’t believe all four didn’t turn around.
Cee Lo: He likes her boots and wonders if they make them for dudes.
Adam: He points out that New Jersey is closer to where Christina is from than Blake.
Blake: He specializes in 16-year-old girls winning the show.
Christina: She gets that Jacquie looks up to Blake, but she herself was a 16-year-old coming up in the business.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Barry Black, 27, Las Vegas, but originally from American Samoa. His parents moved to the States when he was young. He initially worked with his dad in he family’s hotel business, but left to do what he loved – music. He taught himself to play the guitar and now has a band.

Song: What You Won’t Do for Love
Chairs Turned: Blake, Adam

Me: He does a unique mouth horn as well as sing.
Adam: He is looking for the horn, and thought the bow tie must have been a horn or something. He turned around to see the source of the horn.
Blake: He turned around because Barry was a great artist, not because he was curious about his horn noise.
Christina: She loves both coaches, but is cheering for Blake to become Barry’s coach.
Cee Lo: He asks if Blake isn’t from the Southern part of Samoa.
Coach: Adam

Auditioner: Mike Unser, 19, Pleasant Hill, OH. He’s alternative rock and pop-punk. His childhood was rough as the child of divorced parents. He didn’t get along with his stepdad. As time has gone by, he’s grown close with him. Mike works with a youth group at the church, playing music for them.

Song: Dirty Little Secret
Chairs Turned: None

Me: He has a great look for this, but his voice is lacking just slightly.
Adam: After Mike compliments him on his beard, Adam says it makes none of them turning around even more awkward.
Cee Lo: He compares Mike to a young Willem Dafoe and the lead singer of Blink 182.
Christina: Christina thinks he would have been great for Cee Lo’s team.
Coach: None.

Auditioner: Destinee Quinn, 20, Surprise, AZ. Her style is county, and she plays where ever she can, including a biker bar. It’s a lot of work to pull out different genres of songs to keep them interested. She won Alice Cooper’s Christmas Pudding Contest and got to perform with him.

Song: Cowboy Take Me Away
Chairs Turned: Christina, Cee Lo

Me: I’m not convinced she’s a country singer. I think her days with Alice Cooper and the biker bar have stuck with her.
Christina: She tells “Angel of God” that it was Destiny for her to push her button first.
Adam: She should take it as a compliment that Christina and Cee Lo didn’t show emotion when they turned their chairs, as they didn’t want to tip off the other two.
Cee Lo: She is a pleasant surprise, and of course there’s a voice, as that’s what made him feel something in the first place.
Blake: Hearing she is 20, it makes more sense to him, and he wishes he had hit his button.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Cole Vosbury, 22, Shreveport, LA. His dad played professionally and tried to keep his son out of the music business but saw there was no way to keep him out. His grandmother is also a musician and toured with Elvis, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash. Her claim to fame is as the only girl who turned down Elvis Presley.

Song: Movin’ On Up (Jeffersons Theme)
Chairs Turned: Cee Lo

Me: This song is so unexpected, especially from this guy. He shows promise just in that choice.
Adam: He likes his beard.
Cee Lo: Cole has a great balance of country and soul, and Cee Lo figures Cole has to be a badass for picking that song.
Coach: Cee Lo

Auditioner: Holly Henry, 19, Minneapolis. She lives at home with her mom who is an art teacher and her father who is a musician. She went to college but couldn’t afford it, so now works as a waitress in a pancake house. She pays several instruments and writes a lot of music.

Song: The Scientist
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: She has a very unique sound, very soft.
Adam: A lot of voices stay small and never have that range or dynamic, but when she hit the high notes, he realized she could sing
Cee Lo: Her voice deserves to be acknowledged by all four coaches up there.
Christina: She knew she had to get in there and “save this girl,” meaning from the other coaches.
Blake: He nearly broke his hand hitting the button for her.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: Sammy C., 16, Newport Beach CA. This hip hop artist started singing in 5th grade and never realized then it would be what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. When he was 2, he was diagnosed with alopecia. Music helps save him from the other kids bullying him.

Song: Where Is the Love?
Chairs Turned: None

Me: I’m surprised no one turns, as Sammy is a lot of fun.
Cee Lo: He was confused as he thought it was a duo singing, hearing the emcee and the singer.
Blake: He kind of regrets not hitting his button.
Christina: Sammy is still molding his craft and getting to know who he is as an artist.
Adam: If he can dedicate himself as passionately to the craft of singing, as much as he did when he was rapping, then they’d have something.
Coach: None

Auditioner: Austin Jenckes, 25, Duvall, WA. He started playing guitar when he was 9, playing along with his dad. He does’t make enough money playing music, so he has a side job being a scooter tour guide. His dad took his own life when Austin was 16, not knowing how much his family loved him. Austin’s purpose in music is to share those feelings he has after he passed away. His dad taught him to play guitar with the one he’s using today and also taught him to play his audition song.

Song: Simple Man
Chairs Turned: Blake, Cee Lo

Me: Austin and this song fit together really well. He’d fit in well with Adam or Cee Lo.
Adam: That last note when he went way up is when the coaches said, “Okey dokey!”
Blake Adam’s right, because there are many that have a raspy sound, limiting their range, but the power was even stronger when he went up for that note.
Cee Lo: He sounded really comfortable and confident.
Christina: She loves his story.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: E.G. Daly, 51, Hollywood. She’s a voiceover actor and is the voice of Tommy on Rugrats and also acted in Valley Girls and Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. She always kept doing her music, even when acting, but left music to become a mom. Now she wants to show her kids you’re never too old to chase your dreams.

Song: Breathe
Chairs Turned: Blake, Cee Lo

Me: I can remember her singing in Better Off Dead and always thought she was great. She also did a great guest stint as Phoebe’s ex singing partner on Friends.
Blake: It’s not that often a singer comes along with that much rasp and can still hit all the notes.
Cee Lo: There’s a quality in her voice that reminded him of Rod Stewart.
Christina: She knows E.G. looks familiar and is excited to hear she’s Dottie and Tommy.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: Jonny Gray, 29, Austin, TX. He’s a full-time musician, but he’d love to be a musician on a bigger scale. He’s the child of a single parent, and it was his uncle who taught him to play at 10 years old. He got a lot better when he joined the service at 18.He was deployed into the Middle East right away and was security forces. He’d like to work with Adam, as his music took his mind off being away at war.

Song: All These Things That I Have Done
Chairs Turned: Cee Lo, Adam

Me: He has a very interesting Bob Dylan feel to him.
Cee Lo: He can hear Stevie Nicks and Eddie Vedder and can really appreciate that quality of his voice.
Adam: He heard something really different, but Jonny had a look he didn’t expect.
Blake: What he was hearing was so energetic, he was sure he was doing high kicks.
Christina: He’s so versatile, and she’s looking to gain him in a steal in the Battle Round.
Coach: Cee Lo

Auditioner: Tessanne Chin, 28, Kingston, Jamaica. She thinks people think of the beach when they hear about Jamaica and reggae, but there are amazing soul singers there. She grew up in a multiracial home with a father who is of Chinese and Cherokee descent, and a mom who is of English and black descent. She moved to England as a pre-teen, and rock music had an effect on her, an escape. She got to sing backup for Jimmy Cliff.

Song: Try
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: She has a voice that deserves to not just be a backup singer.
Cee Lo: “You sung that song like a grown woman.”
Blake: She is so far ahead of the game already.
Adam: It would have been the mistake of a lifetime to not turn around for her.
Christina: What she gets from her is so much passion and so much heart.
Coach: Adam

The vocalists are very good this season. I hear each auditioner and think there is no way they’re going to be voted off in the next round. But obviously some of them will be. I can’t wait for the battle round.