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The Amazing Race, Sept. 29 – Looking for Quasimodo

Another season of The Amazing Race is ahead of us. We have the same cast as we usually do, as far as fighting exes, a dating couple, a married couple, childhood friends, performers, athletes, etc. It’s clear from the following cast who will be the frontrunners throughout the Race.


Chester and Ephraim: Former NFL teammates from Houston. They both went to San Diego State, and Ephraim shopped at a store where Chester was employed as a bagger. Ephraim convinced him to play football for the college, then ended up on the same NFL team with him.

Rowan and Shane: Theater performers from Charlotte. They make their living performing in a play called, “The Queen of Bingo.” The most important thing for them next to winning is to have fun.

Tim and Marie: Exes from Morristown, NJ. They dated five years ago and don’t get along, but continue to hang out. The minute they get on each other’s nerves it’s unbearable, according to her. They’re already arguing about why they don’t get along, so this is going to be interesting.

Leo and Jamal: Cousins from Southern California. They are known as the “Afghanimals.” To whom they are known as this isn’t clear. Perhaps it’s just themselves. The reason is quite obvious. Their parents left Afghanistan to give them a successful life in America, but they feel they are just as American as our next door neighbors.

Ally and Ashley: NHL ice crew teammates from Long Beach, California. They like to be bright and stand out, like “sparkly things.” They skate on the ice during timeouts. These blondes aren’t looking for love on the ice, and when Ally starts to explain why, she realizes she forgot she has a boyfriend.

Nicole and Travis: Married ER physicians from Atlanta. They work together as a team both at home and work, and at work can’t have a down day, so he thinks this makes them the formidable couple of the race.

Hoskote and Naina: Father and daughter from Laguna Niguel, CA. He admits to still having the Indian mentality and would love for his daughter to have an arranged marriage. She doesn’t want this and says what she wants and thinks she can be what she wants realizing it doesn’t jive with what he wants. The arranged marriage gives her the heebie jeebies, but he promises not to link her up with Quasimodo.

Tim and Danny: Oil plant workers from Cordell, Oklahoma. They’ve lived in the state their whole lives, so they’re small town for the most part. Danny says they work seventy to ninety hours a week and live paycheck to paycheck taking care of their families. They realize the rare one out of eleven chance they have to win a million dollars.

Brandon and Adam: Childhood friends from Chico, California. They bonded instantly, both being nerdy outcasts. They realize they are off kilter, and some people get their self humor and some don’t. They get naked at the drop of a hat and believe they are dead sexy.

Nicky and Kim: Major League Baseball wives from the Midwest. They are the husbands of David DeJesus and Chris Getz. They’ve been friends for four years and say baseball doesn’t define them. They have their own personalities and bring much to the table.

Jason and Amy:Dating and from New England. They have a compatible competitiveness and drive and always want to be first at everything they do. He owns a snow and ice management company, and she graduated high school at 16, college in three years, then completed two Masters in two years.

First Clue: Starting from the Old Wild West, the teams will choose a Ford C-Max E-Nergi hybrid and make a call to the other side of the world to receive their first clue. They hear from Javier they are to drive themselves to the Los Angeles International Airport. There are only seats for seven teams on the first flight via American Airlines to Iquique, Chile. When they land, they must travel by taxi to Alto Hospicio and look for the Zona de Parapentes and Javier to get their next clue. Leo and Jamal leave in first place and arrive in the same place.

First Flight: Leo and Jamal, Chester and Ephraim, Rowan and Shane, Tim and Marie, Ally and Ashley, Nicky and Kim, Nicole and Travis.

Second Flight, 2-1/2 Hours Behind: Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Hoskote and Naina, Tim and Danny. They end up four hours behind because of a layover in Santiago.

Second Clue – Roadblock: Order of Arrival: Travis and Nicole, Chester and Ephraim, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Nicky and Kim, Rowan and Shane, Tim and Marie, Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Hoskote and Naina, and Tim and Danny. One team member must follow their paragliding partner over rugged cliffs. Once they are reunited on the beach, they will get their next clue. Team members following: Nicole, Ephraim, Ashley, Jamal, Shane, Nicky, Marie, Adam, Amy, Naina, Danny

Ashley, Jamal, Nicky, and Marie get stuck, because they let their taxis go. Jamal calls and orders two for himself and Ashley, but Marie steals his. This isn’t a good way for her to start the Race, by making enemies with frontrunners.

Order of Finish: Rowan and Shane, Nicole and Travis, Chester and Ephraim, Tim and Marie, Leo and Jamal, Nicky and Kim, Ally and Ashley, Jason and Amy, Tim and Danny, Brandon and Adam, Hoskote and Naina.

Third Clue: Make your way to Muelle Prat to search for the next clue.

Fourth Clue: Roadblock: Order of Arrival: Travis and Nicole, Leo and Jamal, Rowan and Shane, Tim and Marie, Chester and Ephraim, Nicky and Kim, Ally and Ashley, Tim and Danny, Brandon and Adam, Jason and Amy, Hoskote and Naina. One teammate from each team will need to choose a rowboat and search Iquique’s harbor to collect a total of five fish from any of the the fishing boats. They will receive the next clue when they hand them to the fish monger. Participating: Travis, Leo, Rowan, Tim, Chester, Kim, Ally, Tim, Brandon, Jason, and Hoskote.

Order of Finish: Nicole and Travis, Tim and Marie, Rowan and Shane, Chester and Ephraim, Nicky and Kim, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Jason and Amy, Tim and Danny, Brandon and Adam, Hoskote and Naina.

Leo and Jamal don’t read the clue correctly, as the person who does this Roadblock is supposed to be different than the person who did the first Roadblock. Leo tries to call Jamal back in to switch places with him. Hoskote and Naima also don’t read the clue correctly. She rereads the clue while out on the boat and comes back in to switch places with her dad. They were already in last place, so this isn’t good.

Fifth Clue: Make your way on foot to the Teatro Municipal De Iquique, the pit stop for this first leg of the race. The winner of this first leg will receive an Express Pass for themselves, and one for another team that they must hand over before the end of the fifth leg.

Nicole and Travis take a taxi to the pit stop instead of traveling on foot and incur an thirty minute penalty, losing their first place finish to Tim and Marie. If Jamal shares that she stole his cab, and that’s why they’re in first place, and one of the reasons he and Jamal are in seventh place, it could get interesting as teams start to form alliances.

Pit Stop: Order of Arrival: Tim and Marie, Nicole and Travis, Rowan and Shane, Chester and Ephraim, Nicky and Kim, Ally and Ashley, Leo and Jamal, Jason and Amy, Tim and Danny, Brandon and Adam, Hoskote and Naina.

Teams to Get Lost: Tim and Danny on the way to LAX.

Sound Bites: Tim: I didn’t know they made people’s voices as shrill as yours. Marie: I didn’t know they made people as dumb as you.

Rowan: Sally Field, The Flying Nun, ain’t got nothin’ on me, Baby.”

Naina cries realizing they will be eliminated. She’s proud of her dad for being out there and for being her biggest supporter. She is very devastated, as what she wanted to show her dad was cut short. She thinks he has a way to go as far as his “lightning grip” on her and his expectations. It’s still not settled as far as who gets to choose her future husband. Hoskote says in the end, “Father knows best.” At least she can be assured that it won’t be Quasimoto.

Next Week: Teams have to break up huge boulders and strip down to their swim trunks and bikinis, not necessarily together.