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The Voice, Sept. 23 – We’re Gettin’ the Gang Back Together

The gang is back together on The Voice After just one season with Shakira and Usher, they’re out and Christina Aguilera and Cee Lo Green are back in. I have to adit, I missed Cee Lo, but didn’t really miss Christina. I liked Usher, but didn’t really care too much for Shakira. Is it too much to ask to keep Usher and replace Shakira with Cee Lo?

Judges Performance: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, and Adam. I Love Rock ‘n Roll

Auditioner: Kat Robichaud, 29, Raleigh, NC. She loves 70s Glam Rock like Queen and David Bowie, but grew up listening to musicals. Her dad recently passed way, and he loved TheVoice. She wants to make him proud and misses the stage from her days with her band.

Song: I’ve Got the Music in Me
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo

Me: She has a great rocker sound and some Beetlejuice pants.
Adam: He refers to her as “Raspy McRasperson” and notes she was not what he was expecting.
Cee Lo: She reminds him of the greats and set him on fire.
Christina: She doesn’t even have to look at Kat to know she was having an amazing time up there.
Blake: He knows he may seem like an unlikely coach for her.
Coach: Cee Lo

Auditioner: Caroline Pennell, 17, Saddle River, NJ. She’s always been a little shy and anxious, so singing has always been private and special to her. She realized she could sing at camp during a rock star weekend.

Song: Anything Could Happen
Chairs Turned: Blake and Cee Lo

Me: Her shyness matches her unique sound.
Adam: He thinks she has an engaging voice.
Cee Lo: He believes he and Caroline are cut from the same cloth.
Christina: She liked the little giggle Caroline leet out when the chairs turned.
Blake: Caroline needs to start believing she is a badass vocalist.
Coach: Cee Lo

Auditioner: Donna Allen, 54. She is a trailblazer being the the oldest in the competition, the first black homecoming queen in Key West, and the first black Tampa Bay Buccaneers cheerleader. She was also a background singer for Gloria Estefan, but stopped touring to spend time with her son.

Song: You are So Beautiful
Chairs Turned: Adam, Christina

Me: A gorgeous seasoned voice with lots of emotion.
Christina: Donna is so beautiful to her. She connected with the richness in the tone right away.
Blake: He didn’t hit his button because he thinks Donna belongs on Christina’s team.
Cee Lo: He really enjoyed it, but it’s not what he’s looking for at the moment.
Adam: He is surprised all four chairs didn’t turn around and felt like they were at the end of the season.
Coach: Adam

Auditioner: Jake Worthington, 17, LaPorte, TX. He likes to go four-wheeling and fishing. If not that, they’re swimming and chilling out. His buddies talked him into trying out. He’s never performed for this many people.

Song: Keep Your Hands to Yourself
Chairs Turned: None

Me: I am definitely surprised that no chairs turned, especially Blake.
Blake: There were a couple times where it seemed like Jake was running out of wind. Yet he thinks he “screwed the pooch” to not hit hit button.
Christina: She thought it was fun but wasn’t sure if it was her thing for her team.
Adam: It might be one of the hardest to execute melodies ever.
Coach: None

Auditioner: Matthew Schuler, 20, Yardley, PA. He’s a college sophomore, plays rugby, and works in a bagel shop. Both of his parents are pastors, and they hold church services in their basement after losing their church. His dad works three jobs just to provide a comfortable life or them.

Song: Cough Syrup
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: While it sounds trite, this guy has the whole package.
Blake: He watches the auditions with his wife, and he knows she’ll love Matthew. It would be helping him out if Matthew picked him.
Cee Lo: Matthew’s voice is beautiful. Cee Lo wants to know if he wants to be a member of a team or an owner of himself.
Adam: The best part was seeing the joy and passion with which he sings. Adam knows they can win this thing together.
Christina: She understands the guys want a male coach, but she wants to be the first female coach to win this thing.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Nick Hawk, 26, Dallas, TX. He thinks he’s a male version of a mixture between Amy Winehouse and Jessie J. Music is a way for him to express himself. He’s done twenty-five musicals in the past seven years. He moved back home to help the family after his stepdad left the family, partly because his brother has epilepsy. He bartends and instructs dance to make money to help out.

Song: Hit ’em Up Style
Chairs Turned: Cee Lo, Adam

Me: His voice is a little nasally for me, but he has some great energy.
Adam: Adam thinks Nick is a phenomenal singer and wasn’t out of breath and hit the timing of the song. Nick calls him “handsome” and ends up hitting on him.
Cee Lo: Beyoncé mastered that style of song, and it takes a lot of breath control, charisma and calculation. Nick’s name has a ring to it.
Coach: Adam

Auditioner: Matthew Brea, 15, Atlanta, GA. His parents moved here from Haiti to provide a better life for their family. Matthew’s dad used to be part of an a cappella group. Singing helped him heal when his little brother passed away at the age of 2, and he sang How Great Thou Art at his funeral. He knows his little brother is with him during every performance.

Song: I Want You Back
Chairs Turned: None

Me: I am shocked no one turned around.
Cee Lo: He’s shocked to find Matthew is 15, as he thought it was someone 40 years old. He tells him not to give up and even goes to find him backstage afterwards and tells him about singing at his mom’s funeral. It’s all for some greater purpose.
Christina: It took guts to get up there, and she asks him for a hug.
Blake: He knows Matthew wanted this to be the moment.
Adam: He wants a promise from Matthew that he will come back.

Auditioner: Shelbie Z, 21, Jasper, AL. She’s a full-time stylist and part-time pageant coach. She participated in over one-hundred and won forty-five of them. She stopped doing pageants at 10 years old because kids were making fun of her for being a big girl. Music means more to her than anything else.

Song: Here for the Party
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo

Me: She’s terrific and belongs with Blake.
Blake: He wants to be the first to welcome Shelbie to Team Blake.
Cee Lo: She’s adorable in her little cowboy boots. Adam sees them as a sign of death, knowing where they’re going.
Christina: She’s a powerhouse. Christina pushed her button even though she knew she’d be out if Blake pushed his button.
Coach: Blake

Auditioner: Josh Logan, 33. He started getting into music around 8 years old when his mom started doing DJ and karaoke stuff, and she’d let him get up onstage. When he was 16, he got his girlfriend pregnant and didn’t handle it well at first. He started working to support his son and his son’s mother. He isn’t with his son’s mother anymore, but recognizes her as a good mom.

Song: Too Close
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Adam

Me: He has a very clear voice, but you wouldn’t expect him to.
Adam: Josh sounded a lot like the “dude” who sings the song.
Christina: She happens to love the song. It was like he was yearning for the need in the song.
Blake: Josh’s runs reminded him of Christina, and he has a man crush on him.
Coach: Christina

Auditioner: Delvin Choice, 24, Greenville, SC. He doesn’t think the show has had anything like him – a tall, sexy glass of water. He wants to share the joy and laughter in everything he does. He’s been working at Starbucks for about a year. They call him the singing barista.

Song: Closer
Chairs Turned: None

Me: He has too much vibrato.
Cee Lo: He did notice Delvin has a strong voice. He thinks he has a badass hairstyle.
Adam: He wants him to come back.
Coach: None

Auditioner: James Wolpert, 22, Lancaster County, PA. He loves tech and gadgetry and stuff. He uses computers to do both music and art. He pursued Art at Carnegie Melon. He wanted that degree but fell in love with singing, so put college on hold.He can’t picture doing anything else but currently works at the Apple Store.

Song: Love Interruption
Chairs Turned: Blake, Christina, Cee Lo, Adam

Me: In a way he sounds like the last auditioner, but has a little more grit to him.
Blake: To have that much character in his voice is amazing. He’s the complete vocalist, yet he was surprised to not see a long-haired guy.
Christina: She’s excited to hear he’s from Pittsburgh, as she grew up there.
Cee Lo: No one loves James more than Cee Lo. He likes that he was confident and didn’t need them to turn around.
Adam: He predicts he can win he show.
Coach: Adam

By the end o the two hours, I don’t mind that Christina is back. She’s not bothering me. However, I’m still just as glad to have Cee Lo back. I don’t get the tattoo on his head though. It reminds me of the one Mike Tyson has on his face.