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The Real Housewives of Miami, Sept. 23 – “La La Land”

This week we see Joanna, Lisa and Lea head to Los Angeles for a ladies getaway. We get to peak into the lavish home, or should I say mansion, that is Joanna’s home away from home. At this house you will find Joanna’s mother and her five dogs plus all the animals she fosters through her charity.

Alexia is back in action with her role as the editor of the magazine that she and her husband own. Her son Peter also has started working there as the behind-the-scenes photographer. Alexia has a lot on her plate with her son Frankie’s recovery and her eldest son’s anger issues. This week we see this play out as Peter decides to chase down a taxi and kick their back door in because he gave them the finger. Peter goes from 0 to 100 in seconds; Alexia is quick to try and calm the situation and also lie to the police that arrive at the scene. She tells them that the taxi driver is lying when clearly everything is on camera and Peter even admits to doing it!

Joanna takes the ladies to see her wedding venue, and of course it is as glamorous as she is! The venue is absolutely amazing with spectacular views. Lea gets all emotional and tells Joanna that she is proud of her as she has literally come from nothing and built herself an empire.

Joanna isn’t the only one looking at wedding venues this week! Adriana also goes to meet her planners at the venue of her wedding. Her venue is just as beautiful, she discloses to her planners her idea of having the guests change into 1920s outfits after the ceremony. I’m not really sure what the point is of that but to each their own I guess!

This week Joanna finally asks Lisa to be her bridesmaid, but there’s a catch! She has to choose who she wants to be bridesmaids for, as Joanna says she can’t be a bridesmaid for both her and Adriana. Lisa seems quite offended, as she shouldn’t have anyone telling her who she can and can’t be friends with. Who does Joanna think she is?

This season seems like it’s going to be jam packed with weddings tied in with absolute mayhem! I’m sure Joanna and Adriana are going to try and outdo each other when it comes to their wedding days. Who do you think will have the better wedding?