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The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Sept. 22 – Hair We Go Again

The housewives were back again this week with the usual controversy and mayhem as Melissa and Joe continue to discuss Penny and Teresa. These people really love the drama, but this is becoming really old really fast!

Jacqueline and Teresa continue to rekindle their friendship as they head to Kim D’s store for some retail therapy. I really wonder why these ladies support this woman, as it seems she is the stirrer of the pot. Get a clue, Ladies!

Kim D decides to hold a grand opening for her new store/salon, Pash 2, and – surprise, surprise – she lets the ladies know that she has invited Penny and her husband.

This week we also see Melissa continue her quest to break into the music industry. Melissa and Joe head to Orlando to meet Johnny the music executive, and he has news for Melissa. Johnny has scored Melissa an interview on 106.7, although the catch is that she has to perform live! EEEEKK … perform live? We all know Melissa may be a performer, but when it comes to singing live, well, let’s just say she is known for her lip syncing! Melissa takes the plunge and agrees to perform live in front of the radio hosts and a small audience. To my surprise she seemed to do quite well, and of course she made Joe a very proud husband.

Just when we think things couldn’t get any worse, the plot thickens! Jacqueline and Chris disclose that Penny’s husband has tweeted that their son Nick actually doesn’t have Autism. Who does this guy think he is? And why would he say these things? What some people will do to get a little limelight! Jacqueline can’t believe someone would say this and decides she will confront Penny and her husband at the Pash 2 party.

The Pash party seems to be going off without a hitch until Penny shows up. Jacqueline flocks to her immediately to find the answers to her husband’s nasty tweets. Penny explains that her husband never said anything about her son and that her husband will be attending the party a little later.

Next in line to confront Penny are Melissa and Teresa. Melissa demands the truth, and Penny informs everyone that Teresa is the mastermind behind the mission to take down Melissa.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey season finale is next week, and it looks like Joe Gorga takes on Penny’s husband in a typical New Jersey fist fight. Who do you think will win?