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The X Factor, Sept. 18 – Second Chances

Everyone deserves a second chance. Well, almost. I like to think everyone gets a second chance, and tonight’s X Factor has a few auditioners looking for that second chance. Many wanted that first chance and will probably be looking for that second chance next year or in a different venue, but there are also a few auditioners who just want that second chance to prove themselves.

Auditioner: Sister Shirley and Cynthia Olivero, 24 and 16, from L.A.

Song: I Want You Back

Me: They think they’re really good, but neither can hold a tune.
Simon: He does’t want them back. He found it to be a competition on who could sing the worst, and they both won. They are one of the worst groups they’ve had on the show. He officially breaks up their act.
Kelly: Cynthia started off right, then heard her sister sing, and it was all downhill from there. She should come back later, but not bring her sister with her.

Auditioner: Josh Levi, 14, from L.A., but originally from Houston. He’s going to tell the nerves to go away, to show the world who he is.

Song: Come and Get It

Me: He has something they could work with.
Demi: It was amazing, and she wasn’t prepared for it when he started to sing to her. It showed he was an artist.
Kelly: He’s a star and so cute. She loves his style and doesn’t think there’s anyone like him.
Simon: He chose a song he shouldn’t sing, but turned it into a great version that suited him, and he thinks they could be looking at a future star.

Auditioner: Drama Drama – 20 – 24. Jordan is on the web version of All My Children. I recognized her immediately. Asked the reason for the group name, they explain they’re teenage girls … but they’re in their 20s.

Song: Party in the USA

Me: This is why Jordan is on All My Children, because her group isn’t that good.
Simon: Everything about them screams old-fashioned.

Auditioner: Forever Young.

Me: Absolutely no harmony.
Simon: It’s like they were locked in a room from fifteen years ago.
Kelly: It’s going to have to be no.
Demi: Its also a no from her.

Auditioner: Aknu – three brothers from Los Angeles, an after-school program leader, car sales, and home-care business.

Song: Valerie

Me: They’re definitely not old-fashioned, but perhaps a throwback. They sound great and have moves as well.
Kelly: These guys are so refreshing and will make everybody want to dance. Music is a gift, and they just spread it throughout the room.
Demi: There is something special about this group, and she has the chills.
Simon: He thinks it’s like watching Motown all over again, and normally that’s the part he hates, but he thinks they could be on to something. He could watch it all over again.

Auditioner: Brandie Love, 21, from Rocky Mount, NC, an orthodontic assistant. Her boyfriend is a helicopter pilot in the Army. This is so different than what she’s used to.

Song: Up to the Mountain

Me: She has obvious talent but is fighting a few nerves. She’s phenomenal when she hits her stride, though.
Paulina: Brandie brought the X Factor.
Simon: She took it to church. He loves that song, and he predicts great things for Brandie. She has sincerity.
Kelly: It was beautiful to see her get lost in the song, along with the fact she allowed the music to set her free.
Demi: Her favorite thing is when someone takes country music and brings soul to it. Brandie just took Demi home.

Auditioner: Milly Thrasher, 14, from Birmingham.

Song: Wide Awake

Me: She’s good and just needs a little vocal coaching.
Simon: He really likes her and sees huge potential with her.

Auditioner: Timmy Thames, 13, from Malibu. His dream is to become a famous singer known all over the world.

Song: Lego House

Me: The girls are going to love him.
Paulina: She thinks he’s fantastic.
Simon: He always knows when he’s in front of someone who might be a star, and he has a feeling about Timmy.

Auditioner: Yellow House Canyon, best friends, 16 and 17, from Lubbock, TX. The worst thing one of them has done is to get a speeding ticket, and the worst thing the other has done is to be with her when she got her speeding ticket.

Song: Redneck Woman

Me: They’re a lot of fun.
Demi: She had a blast watching Yellow House Canyon
Simon: He likes them and feels they have a lot of spirit. “Keep it country.”

Auditioner: Vinny Crisotomo, 29, from Selden, NY, a bagel store worker. He believes he is already a celebrity and even has a bodyguard. He looks up to Biggie Smalls and Tupac.

Song: How Do I Live Without You.

Me: While you would think he would be trying to hip-hop up the song, he’s not. He sings it straight – and not well.
Kelly: She asks if he rehearsed the song and if anyone listened to him. Simon guesses they left the room.
Simon: After doing this a long time, this is the worst he has ever heard.
Demi: She’s concerned with the people he’s surrounding himself with who thought this was good. Simon agrees that he needs new friends.

Auditioner: Carlos Guevara, 16, from Lexington, SC. He has Tourette’s Syndrome and OCD. It’s been a hassle for him, but he can’t let things hold him back. He had to leave school a few months ago, despite starting out as the Vice President of the student body and being a football player. Music is the only thing that helps him.

Song: Gravity

Me: He is so good and brings everyone to tears when he says “This is amazing” in the middle of his singing. He gets a standing O from the female judges.
Paulina: She doesn’t know him, but feels very proud of him. He has an amazing voice and great energy.
Kelly: He has a beautiful voice and soul and is so talented.
Kelly: It was so magical, and she’s just so grateful to be there to witness this and witness him.
Simon: What Simon likes is that he’s not a victim. He hasn’t let this issue stop him. But forgetting about that, he actually has a great voice. He doesn’t have four yeses, but 3,348 yeses.

Auditioner: Chloe J and CJ. They met each other in hair school. They are not boyfriend/girlfriend, because “he don’t want it,” according to her. He explains he’s on “the other side.”

Song: River Deep Mountain High

Me: They are much more fun when they’re talking than when they’re singing.
Simon: They are both absolutely awful, and he doesn’t know which one is worse with not a note in tune.
Kelly: She really likes them and their personality but has to say no.
Paulina: She really enjoyed seeing them but has to say no..
Demi: She has to say no but wants them to smile.
Simon: Chloe J comes to the table and makes out with Simon. He says yes.

Auditioner: Malie Delgado, 18, from Anchorage, AK. She left Alaska because it was her time and her chance.

Song: Because of You

Me: She has a few timing issues, but that just needs a little coaching.
Paulina: It was clear to her that Malie has something special
Kelly: She thinks Malie really wants to break out.

Auditioner: Colton Pack, 18, Danese, WV. He brought his whole small town with him on a bus, but with a population of 270, it’s not quite the whole town. It’s added pressure on him.

Song: Hicktown

Me: He’s making that whole small town proud.
Paulina: She likes him and loves his presence. She adds a roar.
Demi: It was pitchy at times, but there were moments that were interesting, and he has a natural stage presence.
Kelly: She digs him and his natural voice.
Simon: He really, really likes him and did from the minute he came out. He believes there’s a market for someone like him and thinks they can help him get better.

Auditioner: Danie Geimer, 15, Northridge, CA. Her mom is a manicurist and her dad is a beauty supplier. She spends her time reading, but no one else around her does. Someone compliments her on her glasses, and she says, “Thanks. I read books.”

Song: The House of the Rising Sun

Me: Her singing voice is just as different as she is.
Kelly: She loves that she came up so quiet, then belted it out.
Demi: She will tell the absent Simon that he missed it. She thinks she’s gorgeous.
Paulina: She finds her and her powerful voice special.

Auditioner: Jeffrey Gutt, 37, a musician and single dad, Detroit. He was on the last season, getting as far as boot camp, and has now come back. He’s been doing as many gigs as he can. Jeff admits to stressing out too much last time. This time he made a deal with himself that if he doesn’t make it, he’ll walk away.

Song: Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing/Creep

Me: He seems too affected, as Demi is telling the other judges it’s not the right song for him. Simon stops him and says he’s trying to imitate Steven Tyler. He can’t put him through and is really disappointed. Jeff restarts with Creep and it’s like night and day.
Demi: Wow wow. The great thing about rock and roll is you don’t need the looks to sell it. Timing is everything, and he wasn’t meant to be there last year. It’s supposed to happen for him this year.
Paulina: Just the fact that he came back and loves his son, she’s the only one on the panel that understands. She admires him.
Simon: He’s picked up bad habits in his many gigs, but it’s the only part he didn’t like. The high part was sensational. He’s honored to have him back on the show.
Kelly: She’s happy he came back, as his is what he’s supposed to be doing.

Jeff kind of got a second chance within a second chance. He didn’t make it last year, then came back for his second chance. However, he tried a little too hard and was being something he wasn’t. He’s not a ballad singer. He got a second chance within the second chance and made it. He might be running out of chances. Carlos is getting a second chance at life. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t fit in well at school with his disability. He fits in here, and that’s all that matters.