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The Real Housewives of Miami, Sept. 16 – A Ple-Thora of Lies

The girls haven’t been the only ones with their claws out this season with Frederick and Roman getting in between their fiancés cat fight. Lenny tries to be the mediator by inviting Frederick and Roman over to kiss and make up. The boys decided to stay out of the ladies fight and put it in the past. Why isn’t it this easy for the ladies?

The wonderful Alexia is going along to her son Frankie’s therapy session. It’s so heartwarming to see her interact with her son as he shows improvements every day. Speaking of mothers, Lenny’s has his come and visit this week, and it’s not all smooth sailing as Lisa expresses to her mother-in-law that she feels she doesn’t even like her. Naaaawww, poor Lisa. Lenny comes to the rescue to stick up for his wife by telling his mother that she causes problems with his wife, staff and friends – OUCH. It takes a brave man to take on their mother, although Lisa decides to try giving it another go.

Adriana is excited for her ‘real wedding’ as she goes dress shopping with her bridesmaids. Meanwhile Lea goes to visit Joanna in her new casa and gets the grand tour. The waterworks come into play as Joanna expresses to Leah that she’s feeling overwhelmed with all the moving and wedding plans Umm, tough life, Joanna! Joanna also explains that she’s feeling distant from her baby sister Marta because she doesn’t have time for her any more. The penny drops and Leah decides it’ll be a great idea to organize a girl’s trip to cheer Joanna up.

The drama doesn’t stop as Adriana tells the ladies that Lea is a massive hypocrite, as Lea also had a secret wedding in 1995. What is with Miami and all these secret weddings? The ladies decide to put aside their differences for the time being because of Aj’s birthday party.

Next week sees some of the ladies head to LA for the girl’s trip. I look forward to the continued crocodile tears and drama!