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X Factor, Sept. 11 – Easiest Yes Simon Has Ever Given

It’s season three of X Factor, and the only judge that remains the same throughout all seasons is Simon Cowell. He kept gal pal Demi Lovato from last season, but ditched L.A. Reid and Britney Spears, bringing in Kelly Rowland and Paulina Rubio, making him the only man on the panel, which I’m sure he enjoys. Simon definitely knows talent, and I think that extends to the judging panel as well as the stage.

Auditioner: Carlito Olivero, 23, from L.A., but originally from Chicago, a barista. He fashions himself as the Latino Chris Brown.

Song: Stay

Me: Carlito showed great emotion, but needs to sing from his gut and not his head.
Simon: He doesn’t believe there is anyone around like him and believes he looks like a real star.
Demi: She feels he is like a combination of Frankie J and Trey Songz.
Kelly: It was like she was witnessing a star.
Paulina: She tells Carlito, “I adore you.”

Auditioner: Sally Hessnice, 55, Graham, North Carolina, a registered nurse. He People tell her she make them incredibly happy when she sings.

Song: Greatest Love of All

Me: She’s definitely not good, but she loves it so much.
Kelly: She wasn’t crazy about the vocal.
Demi: It just wasn’t the X Factor for her
Simon: After laughing through the audition, he explains eight-thousand dogs were trying to get into the venue.

Auditioner: Valeria Colombo, 41, from Boca Raton, FL, a karaoke DJ. People scream for her when she sings.

Song: Without You

Me: Tone deaf; ‘nuf said.
Simon: He doesn’t believe people were screaming for her in a good way.

Auditioner: K-nected, a group containing a mom and her two daughters.

Song: Waterfalls

Me: All three of them sing monotone, yet still can find a harmony
Simon: He asks if they live by an airport.
Kelly: She believes if this is something they want to do, they should keep doing it.

#Auditioner: John Tanner Davis, 18, from Dallas. He just graduated high school.

Song: My Heart Will Go On

Me: He’s another who is completely tone deaf.
Simon: He thought John did a better job than the iceberg.

Auditioner: Lillie McCloud, 54, from Orlando, but originally from Rochester. She has three kids and seven grandkids and has waited for her ids to be grown up to take this type of of opportunity

Song: Alabaster Box

Me: It’s classic R&B, and she sounds very trained.
Paulina: She calls it unbelievable.
Kelly: She asks where Lillie’s been and says she touched every part of the room with her voice.
Simon: He believes she has an incredible voice and that she absolutely nailed it.
Demi: It ripped her heart out of her chest. She felt like she was listening to to Whitney. She suggests maybe it wasn’t supposed to happen for Lillie until now.

Auditioner: Due Alex and Sierra – Alex Kensey, 21, Daytona Beach, and Sierra Deaton, 22, Orlando.They believe their chemistry is something special that you don’t see a lot.

Song: Toxic

Me: They have great harmony, ad she cries when they’re done performing.
Demi: She has chills because of how talented and down to earth they are.
Kelly: She alls it really beautiful what they ignited onstage.
Paulina: She believes in them and believes in their love
Simon: He thought it would be corny at first, but they’re both quirky and san an incredible version of the song.

Auditioner: Rion Paige, 13, Jacksonville. She has a disease that has curved her right hands so that they aren’t very usable and has made her almost completely blind in her right eye.

Song: Blown Away

Me: She is older than her years in both her looks and sound.
Demi: She is just so impressed and can’t believe the struggles Rion has had, believing everyone ca learn something from her.
Paulina: Music heals everything, and she’s honored to live through this with Rion.
Kelly: She just witnessed passion
Simon: He thinks she’s literally extraordinary, and he feels the same way about her that he felt about Carrie Underwood. In every single way she’s a beautiful person. It’s the easiest yes he’s ever given.

It was a great night for the season premiere. For Simon to say he feels the same way about someone that he felt about Carrie Underwood is incredible. Back then he promised she’d sell more records than any other Idol. Her success speaks for itself. To not say the same thing about this 13-year-old girl is incredible. Her faith in her isn’t unfounded.