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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Preview – We Are Family. I’ve Got All My Survivors And Me

Ciera Eastin – Age: 24. From Salem, OR. Outside of Survivor – Cosmetology student. Do I need to repeat that one? Because it is awesome. I hope she fails, because that would make her a beauty school dropout. She is Laura’s daughter, and is already married with kids. She says her claim to fame was getting knocked up at 17 – well, not that part – but the finishing high school and working three jobs to support the kid. OK, I’ll go there with her. Her dad is inspiration – aww. I know what I said earlier, but not for dads. She loves karaoke. Crap. We were doing so well. She doesn’t like those negative people who bring the mojo down. What if they steal the mojo? She wants to bring a Bible to the island. Sigh. She feels she is most like her mom on Survivor – so I hope she enjoys her 9th place finish.

Chances of winning – All kidding aside, I actually have a good feeling about her chances.

Kat Edorsson – Age: 23. From Springtown, TX. Outside of Survivor – full-time student and sales. She was Final Seven in One World, and provided lots of hysterical clueless moments before being the most devastated person ever to be blindsided on the show. She is rather cute, and very physically able. The question remains with her – is she too naïve to play Survivor? She got hit hard last time by a superior player in Kim, let’s see how much she learned from the experience.

Chances of winning – I can see a similar finish for her, similar to Andrea last season.

Hayden Moss – Age: 26. From Springtown, TX. Outside of Survivor – Real Estate. I assume sales, and not, um, being land. He is Kat’s boyfriend, and the winner of Big Brother 12. This is the first Survivor/Big Brother crossover – that’s usually be an Amazing Race thing. I am still anxiously awaiting the first Racers to appear on Survivor. But here is Hayden. I don’t watch Big Brother, so I’ll assume simply that he has some devious nature that helped him win. That will help on this show too – but his reality show fame will not. Past Survivors do well on the show, I doubt past Big Brothers will. However he is athletic, and claims to be popular. Nice. Love it when a person describes themselves as popular. His words on why he will win – “I have already played and won a game very similar to Survivor.” If he thinks that show and this show have anything in common apart from vote outs – he is nuts.

Chances of winning – I expect him to be a pre-jury boot. Unless he keeps his BB status to himself, if possible.

Tina Wesson – Age: 52. From Robbinsville, NC. Outside of Survivor – Motivational Speaker. She won the Australian Outback thanks to one of the dumbest decisions ever by a Survivor (Colby choosing her to go to the Final Two), and she was the first eliminated in All-Stars. So, Tina can possibly match two different records – become the second ever to win twice (Sandra) or to be voted out first twice (Francesca). Similar to Gervase, not sure if she is going to be ready for this new style of Survivor. She did endure the rigors once before, so there is that.

Chances of winning – Slim. She has a better chance at the Francesca record than the Sandra record

Katie Collins – Age: 25. From New York City. Outside of Survivor – Hedge Fund Support. She is Tina’s daughter – so, I think this is another pair where there could be a RI switcheroo. I can see mom stepping up for daughter – especially since this mom has already won once. Katie’s claim to fame is raising a ton of cash for the American Lung Asociation by climbing 55 flights of steps at Penn Plaza. Impressive. She loves yoga – I sense a Vytas alliance – and digs the ukulele. She can talk to Gervase about Sonja from Season 1. She hates bad grammar. I’ll learn her to hate that. She owns a soprano ukulele. Please say that’s a ukulele in the shape of Big Pussy. Hey. I mean Big Pussy. Dirty minds, readers, dirty minds. She relates to Whitney Duncan from South Pacific – for being a southern musician, hopefully not for essentially breaking up with her boyfriend on a nationally televised broadcast.

Chances of winning – Despite the Whitney thing, I think she has a shot.

That’s the new lot of contestants. As always, here are my utterly random pre-season predictions. I have received no spoilers, nor do I want any. This is all just knee-jerk reaction to what I have read. Let’s assume nine-person jury and Final Three.

Early boots – Tyson, Hayden, Aras, Monica, Colton, Gervase, Tina, John
Jury – Rachel, Candice, Rupert, Brad, Marissa, Laura M, Kat, Laura B, Ciera
Final Three – Caleb, Katie, Vytas

Take it for what it’s worth – but there you go. I am breaking with the returning player trend in the finals. Let’s see how that plays out.

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