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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Preview – We Are Family. I’ve Got All My Survivors And Me

As always, the info for each of the Survivors comes from CBS.com, the Dalton Ross Entertainment Weekly summary, and my own useless Survivor knowledge.

Tyson Apostol – Age: 34. Lives in Provo, Utah. Outside of Survivor – Former Pro Cyclist/Shop Manager. He was blindsided during Tocantins, and became the second jury member. He was the sixth voted out during Heroes vs. Villains, and when I say that, I mean he was a moron and managed to vote himself out of the game. He likes to be catty in his confessionals and to people’s faces. In two appearances, he has yet to leave a mark strategically and is only known for being blindsided. Twice.

Chances of Winning – I would actually be stunned. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t the first one sent out.

Rachel Foulger – Age: 33. From Provo, Utah. Outside of Survivor – Cocktail Waitress/Graphic Designer. She is Tyson’s girlfriend. The question will be – is she a clone of him, or is she his flip side? Maybe she’s a sweet woman with mad strategic skills. She apparently started and owned a business that had sales with Target and QVC. So, that’s a positive. However, no word if that business still exists, so that could be a negative. She calls Tyson her inspiration in life. So she doesn’t get out much. She doesn’t care much for slow drivers and close talkers. So we’re cool there. She would take Chapstick, a book and a Snuggie as her three things she would want. Because on a hot desert island, all I would want would be a warm Snuggie.

Chances of Winning – I don’t know, anyone that can handle Tyson, may be sneaky enough to make some noise. But, not anticipating much.

Candice Cody – Age: 30. From – Washington, DC. Outside of Survivor – Anesthesiology Resident. Amazingly, this is the THIRD appearance for the former Candice Woodcock. She has managed to make giant blunders in her previous two appearances. Her mutiny during Cook Islands led directly to her downfall , and she managed to flip the balance of power during Heroes vs. Villains to the Villains by trusting Russell Friggin Hantz . This slot was supposed to go to RC from Philippines, but her dad failed the physical. That means that Candice was the replacement choice for her second and third chances. I will miss not having RC and her leopard bikini back for a second time.

Chances of Winning – I mean, how much worse can she get? Will she manage to screw up three different times on Survivor? So who knows.

John Cody – Age: 30. From Washington, DC. Outside of Survivor – Army Orthopedic Surgery Resident. He is Candice’s husband. He trained at Walter Reed Medical Center, which I pass every day going to work. So there’s that. I will not mock him for his work. Dude does some good things. He doesn’t like “people who eat paper.” Jeez, how many people does he know that eat paper? Does he hang out in Elementary school playgrounds? He says he is competitive and loyal – which may be a problem on this show. He relates to Penner and Boston Rob – smart family-oriented guys. OK – good choices. But he also relates to Mick and Marcus – to which even hard core Survivor fans say – who? Oh yeah, Russell’s chump from Samoa and the doctor that got screwed over by the Gabon reshuffle and voted out by the season’s collection of misfits.

Chances of Winning – I don’t know. Maybe? The last minute subs can sometimes be good – think Amber in All-Stars – but I don’t know about this. I can easily see him being screwed over by his alliance.

Aras Baskauskas – Age: 31. From Santa Monica, CA. Outside of Survivor – Musician. I guess he is no longer a yoga instructor. He won Exile Island. Somehow. He was not the most deserving choice from that season – Terry won that season from the physical standpoint, and Cirie won it strategically. However, Aras got lucky that Cirie lost the Final Four tie fire-making, and Terry lost the last immunity challenge. But he won. You can’t take that away from him – but he did have the most embarrassing final day. He was solid physically and played a decent social game – as far as I was concerned, he was really irritating to watch and is one of my least favorite winners.

Chances of Winning – Hard to imagine a winner going far – but we did have Sandra’s performance in Heroes vs. Villains. If he plays a similar game, he could do rather well.

Vytas Baskauskas – Age: 33. From Santa Monica, CA. Outside of Survivor – Yoga Instructor/Math Professor. Oh, so he’s the yoga instructor now. And, he may be the only person in the country who mixes yoga and math. He’s Aras’ brother, but unlike Aras, he seems to have a temper. Angry rants always go well on Survivor. He beat a heroin addiction – so good for him on that. No mocking. He admires Gandhi and MLK. Going out on a limb with those two, I see. In addition to the math/yoga fun combination…his likes. Movies/Music/Good food/bodysurfing/chess. I hope he does three out of five of them at the same time, every time. He thinks he has Penner’s brain and wit, Aras’ likablilty, and Parvati’s flirtatiousness. Bold.

Chances of Winning – Why not? His brother did it. And it won’t even be the hardest thing he ever did. My spell check will not enjoy Vytas popping up each week – so we need a big nickname for him.

Rupert Boneham – Age: 49. From – Indianapolis, IN. Outside of Survivor – Mentor for Troubled Teens. Excuse my language…oh for fucks sake. ANOTHER season with Rupert? Jeez. I know. I know. Most people love the hairy guy, but I am not one of them. I find him to be insufferable. And not worthy of constant recalls – he is not very good at this. He survives because people use him for his skills, get rid of other strategic threats and then toss him to the side. In Pearl Islands, he was blindsided as the second jury member because he was starting to become an endgame threat. In All-Stars, he was one of Boston Rob’s many alliances, eventually becoming part of the last one because Romber felt they had a better chance to beat Jenna/Rupert than Big Tom. Then he came in sixth place in Heroes vs. Villains, but was never a threat to win the game. He refused to join with Sandra despite her constant pleas to take down Russell/Parvati. No strategic game whatsoever.

However, he did run for Governor of Indiana last year and garnered 4% of the vote. So he has some political skills.

Chances of Winning – Seriously? Why now? Unless he has something new up his sleeve this time, he has no chance. If I was there, I would do this to Rupert every time – use him to help build the shelter and catch some fish and then ditch him.