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Survivor: Blood vs. Water – Preview – We Are Family. I’ve Got All My Survivors And Me

Welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends. We’re so glad you could attend, come inside, come inside.

Season 27 is kicking off this week, and we are continuing the recent trend of returning players. And why not? It works. As you know, this is the eighth, um, ninth season to incorporate returning players…er…wait a minute. This is exactly the start of my preview of last season. At this point…I think I can open every season with this intro.

Last season, the streak of returning players dominating continued – Guatemala, Micronesia, Redemption Island, South Pacific, Philippines, and Caramoan. All had returning players either winning or in the finals. All of them. This season, we have 10 more returning players, including the show’s second four-time player. And a brand new twist coupled with the return of an old twist. That’s double twisting. Or more.

Let’s get into the details of this season.

First, usually the game lasts 39 days. Only once has it not – way back in Season 2 when it went 42. Why only that one time? Because that group almost starved to death. Now, in Season 27 we have added one more day to the tally. A 40-day game. They have added Day Zero the game. What is Day Zero? Well, it ties into the second twist.

Second, the 10 returning players are not coming by themselves. They are each bringing along a family member, or significant other. On that first day, each pair will be sent to 10 separate locations to spend the night. Then they meet up with Probst and the rest of the pairs.

Third, they learn that instead of playing with their loved ones…they’ll be against them. All the faves are on one tribe (Galang) and the family on the other (Tadhana). Boom.

Fourth, at that meeting, each side votes someone out. Double boom! Those two will be sent to Redemption Island. Welcome back, RI. Um, not sure if I am welcoming it back. I still like the vote out being final. But nevertheless, we are back with the Island. But there’s more…

Fifth, the loved one can volunteer to switch places with the RI castaway. That option exists not only at this first moment, but during the duels. So, if a puzzle challenge pops up, the loved one who is better at puzzles could jump in to save their loved one.

Another twist – the person who finishes first in the duel not only survives, but earns a clue to a Hidden Immunity Idol. They could give it to whomever they want. That means their loved one, or their alliance. Interesting.