Top Chef Masters Season 5 Ep 3 – Sex. Greed. Murder. And a Purple Shirt.

Quickfire Hits
• Meanwhile, we get to see home photos of Doug surrounded by dogs. Is he the villain from Up?
• Canada is from a family of butchers – hopefully one is not named Bill.
• Neal wants a “Madagascar peanut” to take down Sang. I think that would be a great name for some African gangster.
• Canada thinks that bacon is sexy. It sure is.
• Jennifer and Neal seem to have a long-standing alliance to the point that they are talking about slitting throats in a ditch. Um. Is it my bingewatching of Breaking Bad that is making me see some crazy shit in this week’s episode?
• Was one of them making Jiffy Pop this week?
• Burke was making tons of ostrich eggs. What I learned from a classic Amazing Race episode was that one of those eggs is equal to about 20 chicken eggs. That’s a lot of egg.
• Extra scene – Sang tossing grapes and other small foods into the mouths of Doug, Burke and Neal. Complete with seal sounds. Really.

Next week – I can’t read my own handwriting. All I can make out is the word “bizarre.”

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