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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Ep 2 – Double Elimination, Double Your Fun

The ladies are on the bottom – Sue, Odette and Hipster

Odette had never cooked Asian or American. Jeez. How is that possible? Lam gets her on the fishball texture, and Holy Sweater, Batman thought it was almost a gluey texture.

Sue was happy with the lobster, but her binder of aioli was not flavorful enough. She was trying not to mask the lobster, but went too little with the flavors. And, Monsignor Sweater got some shells. Oops.

Hipster was all about the bread. She wasn’t going to change it. However, Chef Sweater had his meat fall out of the bread and Lam said is sapped away all the flavor.

Lam thought Hipster should have manipulated the bread better, and Stone thought she should have changed her strategy. I think Sue’s bread choice became the ultimate tie breaker between the two. And Hipster gets sent home – leaving Sue in tears.

Quickfire Hits
• BryanBot has a crazy evil, nervous laugh. For the record, I have the same exact laugh, which is the reason I hate hearing myself on recordings. I feel you Bot.
• Hipster Jenn may be gone, but I feel for her, as she lost her mom very recently to cancer. That’s a club, that I am a member of, and a club for which we want no more members.
• There are fewer things that sound cooler than Stone saying the word “slaw.”
• Cap ran around like a maniac in the supermarket accusing strangers of taking his cart. This is definitely not Steve Rogers Captain America behavior. Although I think he once accused Hawkeye of taking his cupcakes from the Avengers’ breakroom.
• Sue called her sous chef Nick a show pony, and described herself as a thoroughbred. Because they need show ponies on the road. It is very hard not to go for sex jokes here. Very difficult for me.
• Cap is making a duckburger. Which coincidentally is my real estate agent’s last name. Herbert Duckburger.
• Did Gail actually describe the décor as “POW Chic”? Someone alert John McCain.
• Neal talked to the judges about their own books – “you always need to butter up the judges.”
• Extra scene – too much Kathie Lee. I’m done.

Next week – Days of Our Lives cast shows up. Meh.

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