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Top Chef Masters Season 5 Ep 1 – Watch Out For The Tumbleweed!

The Top Three were BryanBot, Odette and Neal. The ten grand from Lexus went to Odette for her charity – Doctors Without Borders. She is visibly excited. I also thought hers looked and sounded the best – but Neal’s meatball looked like it would be awesome as well.

On the bottom – Herb, Richard and David. Richard bitched about having to cut two different proteins with a butter knife – and clearly that was a big problem. David had a shrimp problem, but Gail was quite impressed he de-veined 40 shrimp with a butter knife. Meanwhile, while those two struggled with their handicap, Herb had no excuse. And he took none. He falls on his sword – and probably would have been out anyway – and becomes the first elimination of the season.

All in all – a solid, if strange, opening episode. I am curious to see how the new format with the souses plays out.

Quickfire Hits
• Sang compared himself to Lance Armstrong – and I’d rather he be pumped up on steroids than his food be riddled with them.
• Neal and Sang have been friends for 20 years – and Neal has a great game face.
• Lynn sure is loud. Not exactly your stereotypical Canadian.
• Franklin has been the boss for Mike Isabella, Hung and Kevin – two past Top Chef winners and a runner up. Wow – he’s like the Woody Allen of chefs – he directs people to awards.
• Sang called BryanBot an 8.0 earthquake – I guess he just levels cities in his wake.
• Neal wants to be Aquaman. That’s aiming low. Why not just go all the way and aim to be Robin.
• Jennifer wants to skinny dip in Stone’s eyes. That’s a deleted scene, folks.
• Franklin says that having the souses provide a leg up for them or obstacles is basically a description of their everyday life.
• I like the description of how they look in the red and blue jumping suits – the couch potato version of Captain America.
• Lynn seems like she’ll be a lot of fun – “Then the back of the plane flies open…and David Burke is gone!!!!”
• The emotion BryanBot showed after the jump was more than he showed throughout Season 6. If he keeps that up, I’ll have to retire the nickname.
• Neal once cooked a roasted pig at Burning Man. Of course he did.
• Lynn seems to think tumbleweeds are dangerous.
• Extra scene – one of the skydivers has done over 14,000 jumps. Yowza!

This season – Tears. Escalator hijinks. Wrestling chefs. Mindy Kaling. Ali Larter. Yo Gabba Gabba. A slapped face. 15 minutes to shop. A 30 minute coma. And wrestlers in masks.

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